Importance of Sleep Routine In Babies

Routine Sleep Pattern

Sleep Routine In Babies: A mother is generally concerned when the baby does not sleep at night. Generally, we all have a sleep cycle according to which we go to bed and get up. We live according to it. The newly born baby takes some time to adopt this habit, so he has an irregular sleeping time, a baby takes around 6 weeks to adopt a regular routine and then the baby starts sleeping and waking at the right time (Routine Sleep Pattern). Sound sleep results in good health.

For babies too, sound sleep is good for health and appropriate development. For Developing Routine Sleep Patterns, the sleeping room or nursery of the baby should we calm and quiet and clean with proper ventilation, it should have a dim light arrangement, the baby’s clothes should be cleaned and loose for proper air circulation. The baby is usually ready for sleep after play as the baby gets tired soon. Wash his hands and legs before putting him to sleep, make him listen to very light rhythmic music, etc. so, that the baby goes to sleep peacefully.

Precautions to be taken for developing a Routine Sleep Pattern

  • Doesn’t use medication to get the baby go to sleep.
  • Don’t let the baby sleep with anything in his mouth.
  • Don’t cover the face of the baby.
  • Don’t lay the baby on his stomach.
  • Don’t awaken the sleeping baby unless it is urgently required.
  • In the beginning, there is no problem in making the babies sleep, rather it is required for their proper growth and development.

Routine Sleep Pattern Schedule for Babies, Toddlers and Adults

  1. Expected sleep age and condition                  daily
  • 1 months                                                         2 hours
  • 2 months                                                         21.5 hours
  • 3 month                                                          21 hours
  • 4 months                                                         20 hours
  • 526 month                                                       19 hours
  • 1-2 years                                                         16 hours
  • 3-5 years                                                         11 – 13 hours
  • 5-12 years                                                        9 -11 hours
  • Adolescent                                                        9 -10 hours
  • Adults and older                                                7 – 8 hours

Importance of developing Routine Sleep Pattern

A child taking sound sleep will always be able to concentrate and focus more as a comparison to a child who doesn’t sleep properly. Proper sleep gives a fresh, sharp and attentive brain and the baby with insufficient sleep is bound to be unfocused, aggravated and bad-tempered.

For a new mother, it becomes very difficult to set a proper routine for her baby. But, it is very essential to develop a proper routine of the baby. Must get proper sleep, as it supports development, lift up their mood and make them active. It is also important for parents to develop in them the habit of Routine Sleep Pattern as described above.

Importance of developing Routine Sleep Pattern:

Enhance attention: It is very essential to know that proper sleep enhances attention and alertness of the child. A well-slept child concentrates and focuses more than a child who doesn’t sleep properly. Proper sleep gives a fresh, sharp and vigilant brain and if the baby keeps insufficient sleep, they are found to be distracted, irritated and cranky.

Encourages proper growth and development

Babies, who take a good sound sleep, are highly relaxed and have proper all-round development since growth hormones are secreted when the body is calm and asleep. It is always recommended to new mothers that a newborn must spend more than half of the day in sleeping.

Develops a Routine Sleep Pattern and lifestyle

When the sleep cycle is proper then a proper discipline is followed and also sets the management for other activities of the day. This also initiates the proper lifestyle of the child because of other activities is well managed and maintained accordingly.

Prevents by germ infections and improves the proper blood circulation and heart

When the child is at sleep, their bodies have a tendency to produce proteins or Cytokines, which helps in combating with germs and infections and this would help in fighting against several illnesses. Thus, it’s very important that children take sufficient sleep to ensure proper health. Not only this, but proper sleep also prevents vascular impairment due to circulating stress hormones.

“Child Has the Right for Proper Development But Only and Only Parents Are Responsible For It in the Initial Growth of Child”


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