Important tips to keep yourself safe from dengue


Dengue fever: Also known as Breakbone Fever

Climatic Region affected: Tropical. Dengue viruses are transmitted by Aedes mosquitoes, which are highly sensitive to environmental conditions. Temperature, precipitation, and humidity are crucial for these vectors to survive leading to reproduction and development which in turn makes the area abundant with mosquitoes. Additionally, higher temperatures reduce the time required for the virus to first infect the mosquito which in turns affects the human the mosquito feeds on. This process, referred to as the “extrinsic incubation period.”

Spread by: Vectors (mostly Aedes mosquitoes who carry the dengue virus in their blood after drinking from an affected person)

Incubation Period: It takes around 4 to 10 days according to WHO data.

Symptoms: VARY from person to person depending on their immunity power. Though some of the common symptoms are severe body ache, chill, fatigue, fever, loss of appetite, nausea, rashes and even bleeding in some cases.

Vaccination: nothing rigid and absolute has been found as there are hurdles during research related to pathogenesis.

Also looking at the recent stats the number of people being infected by dengue virus is increasing and so let us look at certain tips that might help us ward away unnecessary mosquitoes and the viruses that come along.

We need to assure that our houses aren’t breeding grounds for mosquitoes and so we need to assure that there is no water collected and stagnating nearby. If so, then spray it with kerosene for the mosquito eggs don’t develop under these conditions.

Apply mosquito repellents, the ones containing DEET are advised.

Make use of sleeping nets for extra protection.

Traditional methods like planting tulsi and using camphor also works.

Surprising but true, keeping our surroundings along with our house helps to reduce the problems.

Wearing the proper attire also plays the part. Wearing clothes that exposes skin makes us vulnerable to the infection.

Air conditioned rooms actually serve the purpose because mosquitoes don’t prefer lower temperature.

Using mild insecticides available also helps. Like Mortein and All out gives protection to a certain extent.

Stay safe. Stay dengue free. Avoid going to dirty places. Proper WASTE DISPOSAL plays an important role because that is where all the vectors breed and clearing out mess will help prevent us into falling into a far bigger life threatening one.

Dengue at later stages becomes lethal and even medication doesn’t help. It better to prevent than looking for the cure, stay safe, be sure.


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