Improve Self Performance for Personal and Professional Development

Self Performance

Maybe we are in any of the fields we have to strive continuously in improving our self-performance in order to achieve personal and professional development and also for the development of a positive attitude towards it. We need a positive attitude to be successful in life and we make continuous efforts to achieve the success of all the positive qualities that we have achieved like education, knowledge, honesty, hardworking, action-oriented, efficient, loyal, etc., a good attitude is a most important one to make us successful in our endeavors.

As is our attitude so will be our thoughts

As is our thoughts so we will speak

As we speak so we will work

As we work so will be our habits

As our habits so will be our character

As our character so will be our destiny

Self Performance 1 Positive Attitude

A positive attitude is directly related to health, courage, enthusiasm, success, and habits. In our lives, knowledge and expertise play 10% of the rule and the rest 90% of the role is played by our attitude that is hidden and is not visible such as our values, principles, standards, ethics, believes, etc.

When one egg is broken with the external force it leads to the end of life, whereas when an egg breaks from the internal force used by the chick then a new life starts, similarly every good thing starts with internal power and force. Two people visualize the same thing differently because of their differing attitudes, just as attitude can help raise a person to great heights, it can also crush him if not used properly and insensibly.

Self Performance 2 Be Optimistic

An optimist finds a good opportunity in every problem whereas a pessimist finds difficulty in every opportunity.

  • A person who is eager to work has many ideas to share and do good work but a person is not willing to work has many excuses to avoid the work.
  • A positive attitude inspires us to move further and to not get disheartened even when unfavorable conditions develop whereas negative attitudes are affected by negativities such as ego, inferiority complex, enmity, friction, selfishness, presumptions, etc. and make a person hopeless, desperate and distressed.
  • A positive attitude shows us a clear direction and prevents us from the falls in the battle of life, on the other hand, a negative attitude gives birth to suspicion and leads to downfall.
  • A positive attitude results in success self-confidence happiness enthusiasm good health a balanced life expansion and growth betterment of family member’s prosperity and in the achievement of higher goals a negative attitude results in failure tension frustration and the hatred indecisiveness doubt suspicion and faithfulness stress and in ailments such as high blood pressure ulcers heart problems etc.
  • A person with a positive attitude thanks to the past works in the present and plans for the future a person the negative attitude blames his past accuses his present and cries of the future.

Self Performance 3 Set Your Goal

To live without a goal or aim is to waste time, energy, and money. It is only those who set goals and who become successful in achieving their goals. Those who don’t have their own goals work towards the goals of others.

Attitude has a direct relationship with the subconscious mind when you decide to do something with burning desire then the whole world becomes your partner in helping you fulfil your goals, so first develop the burning desire then decide on it and later make a firm commitment to fulfil it.

Self Performance 4 Desire

Desire alone cannot do anything. Decision achieves a bit something but a goal or aim does everything, so don’t have only desire in life makes it a habit to set and achieve your goal. When the commitment is strong and firm then it does not matter, how long the path is and how difficult the way is or how many obstacles or problems come in the way.

Self Performance 5 Commitment

Today, the number of great personalities, whom we honor and remember with great respect, reached those great heights because of the power of their strong commitment. It is a miracle of burning desire and a strong commitment there with an artificial leg Arunima Sinha achieved great heights in the sphere of mountain climbing. If the goal is big, comparatively the achievement too will be big.

The person who fixes big goals get success and utilizes his time in the best way possible, whereas if a person who keeps small goals is only able to utilize his time partially to achieve his goals. Keep your sight fixed on the goal and constantly keep moving towards it without any gap.

If the route is beautiful then it is very important to know where it leads to, but if the destination is beautiful than it does not matter how easy or difficult the path is. Just keep moving on it. Obstacles are visible only when you start is diverted from the destination. To attain your goal, work with full concentration and immerse yourself in it.

When obstinacy or craziness is attached with some good commitment then it becomes a strong commitment as well as a strong pledge. Discuss your commitment with your spouse and friends to provide additional strength to your commitments, if you analyze your commitment from time to time then you will definitely be the winner. To achieve your goal once you have committed, enthusiasm has a major role to play, it should be regular and endless.

Self Performance 6 Enthusiasm

When we set out to achieve something we put in all our enthusiasm and power at the onset. After sometime when one of the targets get achieved, we become convinced that nothing can stop us from achieving our goal and becoming successful. Such a feeling tends to make us a bit relaxed and at times weakens our efforts to achieve our goals. Never let your efforts become sluggish, the goal may look easy and achievable, but slight negligence, you may never be able to achieve your goal.

Self Performance 7 SMART

A goal should be SMART

S- Specific

M- Measurable

A -Achievable

R- Realistic

T- Time-bound

Specific: What needs to be achieved?

For example

What do I want in my life?

What do I want to do in life?

What do I want to become in life?

What kind of life do I want to live in?

Measurable: Goals should be made such that its development can be measured and comparative analysis can be done. By measuring development towards a goal makes the achievement easy. That makes you realize how far or close you are from your goal.

Achievable: Your goal should be full of challenges but should not be out of reach.

Realistic: If your Gold is unrealistic, it will not be achieved fully.

For Example, a person desiring to reduce his weight from 100 Kilos to 50 kilos in 30 days.

Time-Bound: Make your goals achievable within a particular time frame, if you do not fix a time to your goal, you will keep postponing it and it will never be achieved.

Self Performance 8 Priorities

To give priority to a particular work means that work has to be done before any other task, one of the reasons for success in life is first set your priorities and second setting them right. Our priorities keep changing according to the situation we are in at a particular time in our lives.

The role of priority is important in every aspect of life. Maybe it is business, society, family or friendship; priorities have to be decided everywhere.

Priorities may be Divided into four Parts:

  • Important and urgent, such as in an emergency, illness, accident, etc. immediately disposing problems for completion of certain work in stipulated time project schemes meetings preparations, etc.
  • Important and not urgent, such as rescue operations, building relationships, recognizing opportunities, planning, necessary rest, to authorize.
  • Non- important non urgent, such as obstacles, useless phone calls, mail and post, some reports and some meetings.
  • Non important and non urgent, such as idle chatter, work is done to only look busy, attending some useless and lengthy phone calls, time wasters, non-important post, excess watching on television, oversleeping.

“Make It a Point to Complete Important Task Before They Become Urgent Don’t Leave Important Task So That Non Important Tasks Can Be Completed”

“These Are the Stairs of Success and Also Shows the Improvement in Self Performance”


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