India is the 5th most vacation deprived country globally


Owing to long working hours and the pressure that comes with it, India is the ranked the fifth most vacation deprived country globally. The institutions and the organizations in the country have hectic schedules due to which people do not get time to go out and have a good time. Relaxation is must in order to unwind in the mad rush of things which has become the order of the day. The working culture has been intense and chaotic to the point of being abominable. People wish to gout so that they can let their hair down but it the whole responsibility and pressure mars the situation.

An online survey was conducted by Northstar Research Partners in which South Korea was ranked the first vacation deprived country in the world.  India has been on the 5th position as the survey claimed that Indians do not get to enjoy because of the burden and load of work assigned to them. It also revealed that some of the Indians did not even take advantage of their holidays which were assigned to them by their respective organizations. Some of the people didn’t even avail the benefit of holidays due to the shortage of staff in their offices.

The workload and unnecessary tension is piled upon the Indians in the offices. The catch is that they fail to spend time with their family and kith and kin which is very unfortunate. There seems to be no equilibrium between life and work so that things run smoothly. The targets in any working space are achieved only when the person is free of stress. If people do not stop working the midnight oil risking their lives and happiness, there will a time when things would turn topsy-turvy. The working environment would thus get affected. Therefore, it is important to strike a balance to keep people engaged in work. Once the working hours and pressure is relaxed, the effectiveness and efficiency of the people will naturally mount.

There is no gainsaying the fact that a peaceful environment with breaks plays a huge role in the performance at work. Indians, say survey, do not have ample time to take holidays, let alone reinvigorate themselves to freshen up so that they can give their best. 37% people lack resources to fund their vacations in India, whereas 36% have no relief from work and the remaining 27% are occupied in saving the money in order to plan a big fat holiday.

The survey conducted trots out that the Indians (more than 50%) hanker for a holiday so badly that they are okay with the deduction in their salaries. The work pressure and the obligations play the villain for Indians which has added to the brief of people all over the country. The situation is really unfortunate and calls for a equipoise between life and work so that Indians too can revel in the vacations they get. Or the amount of work ought to be lessened so that they can party at least once in a while.


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