India Becomes the Largest Global Market for Nokia


India becomes the largest global market for Nokia

Nokia’s  reviving and re-entry into the mobile devices business has yet a stronger influence on India. Triggered by some new essential features and in some parts Android-run smart devices, India has become the largest global market of the company. Nokia didn’t slog it’s way to find a place in the global market by utilizing the benefit of trust, by the people across the world, which has proved to be at par, mostly in India.

Today Nokia is owned by the HMD Global, who are persistently and adamantly hulking their banking in India, for its renaissance, among the before-hand Chinese established market, including Xiomi, Vivo, Oppo and Huawei.

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“India is the company’s biggest market in terms of sales, and is followed by Russia and Indonesia, Florian Seiche”, the newly-appointed CEO of HMD, told TOI.

“Engagement will grow manifold in India, especially as more and more mobile companies look at striking partnerships with device makers for budget devices”, Seiche added.

Nokia has already been at the apex for its special and unique features, being a strong player and working dedicatedly to begin its operation a few months back with the yesteryears most popular Nokia 3310.Now, what the company really lacks, is its lagging behind in the advent of 4G feature mobile phones, which are essential and also the backbone in today’s market. Thus, pelting the Global market only by its base relied on its unique features wouldn’t last longer due to already the lead, Ambani’s Reliance Jio, who is offering the 4G feature phones at the rag pick price of  just Rs.1500/-.

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Seiche said that “Nokia – which is sourcing devices in India from contract manufacturer Foxconn’s factories – is keeping a close watch on developments in the market”.

Further, when he was asked of any upcoming tie-ups with the mobile operators such as Airtel, Vodafone or Jio, he  revealed that their entire business is solely relied on the partnerships and they are hence, looking for the further obligation. Waiting and Watching is what they are actually following presently!

Smart phone is the another key resource the company has been working on with the Google’s operating system- Android.

The Flagship Nokia 8 which is priced at Rs.36,999/- has already been launched in the month of September. The company also declared of its launch of its entry handset device, Nokia 2, which is expected to peddle at about 99 Euros , i.e. nearly Rs 7,500. The price in India is yet to be announced which is believed to be out, probably in the next week


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