India vs South Africa: R Ashwin No More Watches Cricket! Here is the Reason

India vs South Africa

In the latest interview after the India vs South Africa test match, Ravichandran Ashwin affirmed that he does not watch TV anymore. R Ashwin is presently a part of the Indian Cricket Team and presently is playing for the test series. He told the news reporters that he does not watch cricket when he is not a part of the team, or when he is not playing. Ashwin remained the star of the last match of Indian vs South Africa after the won his 27th test wicket on Friday. India ruled the day while South Africa finished the 3rd day with 385 at 8 wickets. R Ashwin had taken two wickets on the second day and continued the form on the 3rd day where he collected three more wickets. The super bowler addressed the media after the match where he revealed the reason why he has stopped watching a cricket match if he is not playing.

Two Kids at Home Now! R Ashwin in the Post Match Presentation

The off-spinner then gave a naughty response and said that he has “two kids at home now.” The answer was cute and awed everyone who was present and also the fans who watched the video. It also expresses how these sportsmen don’t get time for their families. Either they are playing for the team or practice. Even if the players are not selected in the team, they are busy watching the match.

R Ashwin has, therefore, decided not to watch the match when he is not playing as he shares that time with his family and his kids with whom he wants to spend most of his time.

“I wanted to play the game and I was missing out”

The fast bowler said, “For starters, I have two kids who don’t sleep that well at nights. Jokes apart, I felt like every time I watch the game on TV, I felt like I wanted to play the game and I was missing out. It is very natural, everybody goes through it.”

The 33 years bowlers also added that earlier he used to read books when he was not playing, but now he wants to give spent time with his family. The actual reason why he does not watch cricket is something different. He said that he feels like he wanted to be there and feels sad when he doesn’t get to play.

“I generally tried to do a few other things in my life as well. Books and a bit of archaeology stuff, I enjoyed,” Ashwin said.

Ashwin was not playing in the test team since December 2018, and he has returned after a long wait. He was asked about it and he replied very positively as he said, “I am elated to be back. There is nothing like picking up a five-wicket haul for your country. This place is very special for me but I enjoyed a five-wicket haul for Nottingham too. One is not too lesser than the other.”

He admitted the fact that it was a tough phase of his life. He also accepted that he played other matches when he was not a part of the test team and said, “To stay away from cricket itself was very tough for me. In order to substitute, I played whatever games I got. I tried and made an opportunity for myself to go and play some county cricket (for Nottinghamshire). I tried and played the TNPL as much as I could, played some league cricket in Chennai.”

The reasons R Ashwin gave are very genuine and valid because any cricket lover would feel the same if he is not selected in the team. Ashwin too felt the same. There is nothing wrong if he feels sidelined when watching the match on TV. Another reason he gave was also true because he could not overlook his family and especially his kids, and utilized his free time with them.


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