India vs West Indies

Team India performed well in the ICC World Cup, but as huge fans of Virat Kohli, we were not quite satisfied with the consequent five half-centuries he made. We, on the other hand, desperately wanted him to hit a century which he could not, but he fulfilled our expectations in the second ODI of India vs West Indies.

Finally, he scored a hundred runs against the west-indies team during the second ODI match. Kohli is universally admired for being one of the best cricketers as he broke many records of Sachin Tendulkar, who know as the “God of Cricket.” It was depressing when Kohli could not score a century for a long time.

Yesterday, Virat Kohli once again surprised his fans after scoring a century in the field of Trinidad and Tobago where we saw him hitting the ball after the gap of 11 innings. Everything was going well as the Indian Captain Virat Kohli won the toss and decided to bat first. The temperature in the ground of West Indies was normal until Shikhar Dhawan lost his wicket to Sheldon Cottrell.

It is when Virat Kohli came to bat that everyone got alarmed as he was not planning to leave early. He continued playing for the long term. The run-machine did not stop even after he lost his partners, Rohit Sharma and Rishabh Pant. He continued scoring with Shreyas Iyer, who gave him great support.

Virat Kohli broke World Records in India vs West Indies

Indian Captain and Skipper Virat Kohli scored 120 runs in the 125 balls in the previous match against West Indies, and hit one six and 14 fours, and had already completed his hundred runs in only 112 balls. He has set new world-records with the inning he played yesterday.

  1. Broke the World-Record of Sachin

Sachin had to play 406 innings to score his 42nd century while Virat reached the milestone during his 229th innings of One Day International (ODI).

  1. Completed his 2000 Runs

Kohli became the first-ever cricketer to score 2000 runs in 34 innings against West Indies, and no one before him has scored 2000 against West Indies. Rohit Sharma, however, had scored 2000, but it was against Australia, not WEST INDIES.

  1. Broke Ricky Ponting’s record

The Indian Captain has left Ricky Ponting behind as he has become the top captain to hit most centuries against a single team, as Ricky Ponting had scored five centuries against New Zealand.

  1. Hit 20th Century under his captaincy

Kohli had scored 19 centuries in Dhoni’s captaincy and, has broken that record as well. As a captain, he scored his 20th century.

  1. 8th ODI Century against West Indies

He has become the first and only cricketer to score eight 100s against West Indies. As a captain, it is his sixth century, while it is his eighth century as a player.

“Feels good to get a hundred when the team wanted me to get one. Shikhar and Rohit didn’t get a big one. One of the top three has always got the big one. A senior man had to step up and today was my opportunity to step up. It was important to string in a lot of dot balls.” Captain Kohli after Match.

Virat Kohli broke preceding records and formed new ones for the coming players in the 2nd ODI in India vs West Indies. Even, Virat was waiting to score a century, and yesterday, it was needed because Shikhar Dhawan had already lost his wicket, and it was Kohli’s responsibility to offer a tough score to West Indies, who had to chase after Indian Team.


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