Indian Army Proud Of Havildar Anuj Kumar Taliyan: Wins Gold in Bodybuilding Competition in South Korea

Indian Army

Havildar Anuj Kumar has made Indian Army proud, who won a gold medal at the 11th World Body Building Championship 2019 held in Jeju Island, South Korea. He was given hearty welcome on his return to India.

On arrival, the Indian Army Constable Anuj Kumar of Madras Engineer Group in Bangalore was rewarded by senior officers by holding a rally. He had won the title of Mr. India in the year 2018. Anuj won this title for the second time at the 12th National Body Building Championship held in Chennai.

Anuj plays on behalf of the Indian Army and his elder brother Shyamveer is a coach. 600 bodybuilders from different states of the country participated in the National Championship organized by the Indian Body Building Federation.

Anuj has conquered the bodybuilding competitions of Navy, Airforce, and Army many times. He is very active on social media. He keeps sharing his workout videos on Instagram. He has also won the National Award as well. He also won a medal at the 2018 Services Championship.

Indian Army Proud Of Havildar Anuj Kumar Taliyan

He has been trained by his elder brother Shyamveer Taliyan, Anuj resides in Sardhana district of Meerut. He was enrolled in the MEG of the Army in 2010 and it took him almost eight years to win his maiden medal in any international senior bodybuilding event. His next aim is to win the Mr. Olympic title.

Bengaluru Defence PRO released a statement congratulating Anuj Kumar for the achievement. “Havildar Kumar achieved this with his hard work and dedication, throughout eight years to become a champion for the first time in 2018.

The achievement of the 28-year-old bodybuilder, who comes from Sardhana in Uttar Pradesh’s Meerut district, is all the more significant because he is the first Indian ever to bag a gold medal in the 100+ kg category World Bodybuilding Championships that are organized by the World Bodybuilding and Physique Sports Federation (WBPF).

Anuj said that he took up bodybuilding seriously after joining the Indian Army in 2010. He also said it was his first international tournament and obviously I was nervous and tensed at the forefront of the competition but he always wanted to make the country proud, which he did it and was really glad to see the Indian flag fly high.

In the competition, there were 15 bodybuilders in the 100+ kg category and Anuj had to pull out his best to win the gold medal. He had pushed bodybuilders from Thailand and Pakistan to silver and bronze positions respectively.

The selection trials for the 11th World Bodybuilding Championship was held in Andhra Pradesh in July this year, and he had qualified after winning the gold in the 100+ kg category of the national. He had also won the gold medal in the 100+ kg category in the 2019 Senior Nationals at Chennai and became Mr. India in his weight category, and also emerged as the overall runners-up. Anuj also emerged as Mr. India after he won the gold medal in the 100+ kg category at the 2018 Senior Nationals as well as won the Best Bodybuilder Improvement Award.

Anuj also said that diet also plays a key role to the success of bodybuilding, he preferred a bowl of oats and ten eggs (egg white only) or a bowl of oats and boiled potatoes before the kick start of morning workout – the idea was to have food that can be quickly digestible. He took small meals throughout the day and comprised of chicken, dal, roti, Green vegetables, and fruits. He consumed one kg of chicken every day and 30 eggs (egg white) daily and also took fish from time to time.

With the World Bodybuilding Championship gold medal, Anuj is high on confidence and wants to go to the Mr. Olympia contest in two years’ time. It was said that he will train hard and hopefully get ready for Mr. Olympia contest and make the country proud again.

“Strong Determination Always Pays”

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