During a stand-up comedy show in Dubai, comedian Manjunath Naidu aged 36, collapsed and died on stage. The news was first shared by Khaleej Times, a Dubai based news platform.

Manjunath Naidu was an Indian-origin comedian based in Dubai. During this particular stand-up comedy show, he was talking about anxiety. Halfway into the show, Naidu suffered a cardiac arrest. Following the arrest, he sat down on a bench that was placed on the stage. The audience thought that it was a part of the performance and kept on cheering for him.

Naidu was last in the line of performers and was a well-known figure in the comedy circle in Dubai. The performance started really well and the audience was enjoying it very much. His stories mainly revolved around his family and friends. His theme of comedy for this particular show was anxiety and Naidu himself suffered from anxiety. He started to tell people how anxiety has affected his life and the next thing the audience knows is that he sat on the bench and stayed quiet.

People thought that he was enacting how anxiety looks for him and was actually laughing. It took the audience more than a minute to realize that Manjunath Naidu has passed away. Everyone in the arena rushed to him but he had already stopped breathing by then. The paramedic team reached the arena in about 20 minutes and quickly rushed him to the nearby hospital.

After trying for 30 minutes to bring Manjunath Naidu back to life, the paramedics said that it was already too late and they couldn’t revive him. His fans were shattered. Naidu was doing so great during the show and it’s a shame that it had to end the way it did.

Manjunath Naidu was born and brought up in Abu Dhabi. He shifted to Dubai where he started off as a comedian and started participating in stand-up comedy shows. With his funny jokes, stories, wittiness, and quirky answers, he rose quickly to fame in the comedy circle.


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