Do Indians deserve luxury trains like Tejas?


Do Indians deserve luxury trains like Tejas

The recent experience of Tejas express while handling Indian passengers has again raised questions about the civic sense of the people of India. Another live example that a major chunk of Indian masses are not yet ready to handle luxury experiences. On its maiden journey from Mumbai to Goa on May 22, the Tejas express was vandalized by the travelers. The reports by the Railway department have shown that the train was plundered of many basic amenities’. To quote, almost 12 hi tech head phones were missing, Toilets were spoiled and even the LCD screens were found to be cracked. The train was littered badly and the Railways authorities were also in shock.



The Tejas train is there to cover a distance of 630 Kms in about nine hours decked with LCDs, headphones, automated toilets, touch less water spouts, coffee and tea vending machines came back to Mumbai in a messed up condition. Such a brilliantly conceptualized well thought of idea of India’s first high speed semi luxury train from Mumbai to Goa could not be well taken off by the passengers. The question arises as to what encourages our passengers to handle such sophisticated facilities.




The incident has raised many questions on the mannerism of Indian masses. It is an everyday scenario that we keep complaining to our ruling government that India lacks the facilities and amenities for the public in comparison to developed nations. But when it comes to handling those high tech facilities extended by the government, we fail to present a well cultured society.  We must understand that with every welfare responsibility of the Government comes in the role of a responsible citizen who understand their civic duties. It seems that the main problem arises since we are not trained about the moral and civic duties in our early education. Next time before complaining about any lack of facilities, we must give a thought to this fact.


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