Avengers Infinity War: Set for Global Release may Crush many Box Office Records


Following the topnotch success of the movie, Black Panther it’s now the turn of the Marvel’s recent release Avengers: Infinity war to behold a blockbuster rush in the country. With the brimming apprehension and a psyched out buzz, the trade claims that the third part of the Avengers franchise is bound to smash all the existing  Box office records.

Looking at the number of the sold out tickets it is now certain to break all the records of the Box office by being the highest first weekend grosser. The question, however, rests, whether this movie will be successful in beating  The Jungle Book‘s lifespan collection record and if it does then it tends to become the highest Hollywood grosser in our country, as claimed positive by the trade.

It is estimated to gross over 200 crores in the domestic box office during its lifespan run. Thus, crushing the lifetime record of the movie The Jungle Book by claiming the pinnacle in the record breaker list.

Also, trade inquisitor and industry gumshoe  Ramesh Bala tweeted,“#TheJungleBook is currently the highest grossing #Hollywood movie in #India. It’s Life-time nett box office collection in #India is Rs 184 crore. #AvengersInfinityWar is expected to become the 1st Hollywood movie to do Rs 200 crore nett box office collection in #India.”


The trade is expecting The Avengers: Infinity war to smash all the records by the advancing contemplation and rising buzz in the country taking its release along with the multitude advance bookings. The film seems to have no challenging competition and also occupies a huge space in the domestic Box office, thus marking a sheer positive sign towards its highest grossing.


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