Inshallah Shelved. Here is what Salman Khan has to Say About it

Salman Khan

With the beginning of indefinite wait for the release of  ‘Inshallah’, the fans were left heartbroken. Salman Khan and Alia Bhatt starrer were sought to release on the occasion of Eid earlier this year. However, the sources come up with the news of a further delay in the release, pushing the dates up till 2020.

The makers of Inshallah took to the official twitter handle of Bhansali Productions to announce the news. It said “Bhansali Productions has decided to not go ahead with In-shaa-Allah for now… A further announcement will be out soon… God willing.”The news came up to be a huge shock for the fans as it was Alia’s first-ever collaboration with Salman Khan. Moreover, it had been two decades since the audience saw Bhansali and Salman’s work on screen.

Salman Khan said on a low note “The film with Sanjay Leela Bhansali is pushed but I will still see you all on Eid, 2020. Insha-Allah!!”.

What is the Reason Behind the Push?

Ever since the news of pushing the release date of Inshallah came up, there have been multiple theories arising for the much-hyped film’s postpone. One theory claims that the bonding between Bhansali and Salman has reduced over time and the actor was unhappy with the role provided to him. The differences between the actor and director led to delayed shoots.

Another theory speculates that Alia could not cope with the running schedule of the film and remain anxious about her performance. She demanded more time for preparation.

However, a source gave the way to the game by spilling the actual reason behind the delay. It said “Sanjay only narrated the first half of ‘Inshallah’ to Salman. He wasn’t ralia bhatt inshallaheady with the post-interval sequences. Salman asked Sanjay to also read out the second half and how the film would play out, especially the climax which is very important in the film. ‘Inshallah’ is a sweet love story and the way the film is treated will be very different from any of Salman’s films that we have seen in the last few years.”

Apart from the communication issues between the actor and director regarding the second half, Salman Khan did not feel it right to release ‘Inshallah’ on Eid. The source further added “Inshallah’ isn’t a staple Salman film. It doesn’t have over the top action or applause-inducing power-packed one-liners that Salman’s Eid releases are famous for. They both felt that it would have a more organic feel if it came out later in the year. As of now, they are thinking of December 2020 as the time to release the film.”

The delay will allow Salman Khan to focus on ‘Ek Tha Tiger’ franchise and make this movie an Eid release.

Does Salman Khan categorize his own project as unworthy?

If so, then why is he into it? Is money the reason?


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