International Pillow fight day


International pillow fight day:-

The time is here fellow cadets and commandos. Get your pillows and bolsters and everything that’s soft and prepare yourself for the fluffiest battle ever! Pillow fight day is here! Pillow fight is exactly what the name suggests. A large group of people fighting with pillows. Mobs were on the rise, the streets were filled with cotton and torn pillows. This is when you know a pillow fight flashmob happened. This event brings strangers together with fun and interesting activities.

Pillow fights were probably started since the day pillows were invented. But thanks to rapid development of technology, a large number of people plan and conduct these pillow fights. These fights are usually planned on social medias. It was inspired by one of the most amazing movie, “Fight club”. Inspired by this, Pillow Fight Clubs started entering the scene. Just like the movies, anybody could join these clubs and fight in then as long as they followed the rules.

The Pillow Fight Clubs of London and Vancouver echo the rules of the movie. The words of the event are spread through the digital means like SMS, social medias, etc..This will naturally get a lot of people’s attention and this will end in mass gathering for the said event. The fight starts at the blow of the whistle and the fights start fighting with their pillows. These fights may last minutes to hours. On 22 March 2008, the largest Pillow fight day was held. This was the largest Pillow Fight Day. This was also the first pillow fight flashmob. Over 25 cities around the globe took part in this event. Cities like London, New York city, Washington, Paris and a number of other major cities took part in this flashmob. This year, it was conducted on April 1st in cities all over the world. In India, it was conducted in Bangalore. Hence, it’s an event that uses the digital media and brings people together.


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