International Tiger Day: Big Cats are No More Extinct In India

international tiger day

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s statement regarding the results of the fourth cycle of all India tiger estimation related the Indian media, and all of us were eagerly waiting for it since Monday. The wait is finally over and the data has been shared exactly on International Tiger Day. You would be surprised to know that presently we have 2967 tigers all India which is far more than the previous survey that reported to have 2226 of them.

This, indeed, is good news for all Indians, but we were already aware that the numbers would definitely make us happy and proud. We were sure that the overall and state wise result would provide some astonishing facts and data as the officials have surveyed 381400 Km with the help of 26,760 cameras. It is the first time, officials have used technical appliances such as android apps and devices to calculate the exact data.

29th June being international Tiger Day as usual, but today there is something special about it, not just for the cat lovers, but for all Indians. There was a time when Tigers were about to extinct from the world along with many species such as Dodo, African Rhinos, Passenger Pigeon, Sea Cow. It is all thanks to the combined efforts of Govt. and Project Tiger, the population of tigers in India is on increase. We have witnessed this growth since 2008 when we had only 1411 Tigers left in India. The initiatives of the National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA) have worked really hard on their vision, and the number of these big cats is increasing since then.

Surprising People has become a hobby for Indian Prime Minister

On the occasion of International Tiger Day, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has shared the latest data related to the population of once distinct species as he has announced the result of “Fourth Cycle of All India Tiger Estimation.” Though we were not worried about the results as our PM had already shared positive outlooks by asserting that India is one of the safest habitats for Big Cats having around 3000 of them.

Madhya Pradesh leads the race

We can say it is the true accomplishment of 50 Tiger Reserves, NCTA administers in different parts of the nation. I am sure you are curious to have detailed info, so, without letting you wait any further, below is the list of states having the largest number of tigers according to the latest data.

  1. Madhya Pradesh – 526
  2. Karnataka – 524
  3. Uttarakhand – 442

Where the number is increased in all states, it is declined in Chhattisgarh and Mizoram. We hope the concerned authorities will take necessary actions to determine the cause and to resolve the issues and we would get a better result in future surveys. India, so far, has completed three estimations in 2006, 2010 and 2014. It is the first time, officials have used technical appliances such as android apps and devices to calculate the exact data.

Let’s hope for a better future together

We can assume that the results of the tiger estimation are going to contribute to the global population of tigers this International Tiger Day. Previous data of Global Tiger Forum and World Wildlife Fund proves that the increase in Asian, especially, the Indian population of Tigers has driven up the global population of the species which was once declining. Being a part of the infinite universe and sharing the space with innumerable other species, and hope to save more declining species by providing a safer atmosphere for them to survive and grow.


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