Intimacy Is The Secret To Sexual Relationship, Despite The Age

Sexual life

In our society, Sexual life with respect to age is visualized differently. It is a stereotype that older individuals should not want or need to be sexually active. Many television shows and movies portray the sexual life of older people like humor. Due to this kind of society with such stereotypes, many older people stop thinking about their sexual life and with due course of time they give up on their sexual life.

But, the truth is something different, in a way, there is no expiration date on sexual life. In fact, scientifically it is proven that sexual life is a part of the adult life which runs smoothly into the 60s, 70s, 80s and even after that, as long as the body is able and the mind is willing, the years can truly be transformed from golden to platinum, this is the secret of sexual life.

The truth is that many senior citizens are enjoying a healthy sex life very well, as now they have time for themselves, need not go to the workplace and ladies in the house is also free from hectic responsibilities due to grown-up children. Credit also goes to medical science, along with improved nutrition and healthcare, people are living longer. The quality of life in old age is also improving.  This would help to keep going the sexual life relationships very strong.

Sometimes the closeness after the age of 40 years doesn’t get that much attention as it deserves. The reason to it is that the second half of life brings sexual life changes, and these changes are never easy and transform a person 180 degree. But it is good to know that with simple adjustments, physical attraction after 40, 50, 60 and beyond can be felt as satisfying as ever or even better which could deepen the love as one start sharing.

The sexual life changes which begin between the ages of 40 and 50 are women’s “menopausal” years, in which estrogen starts falling and periods become less regular. Many women also start experiencing vaginal dryness, which makes intercourse uncomfortable. Fortunately, nowadays a personal lubricant is available which are usually a quick, successful fix. A water-based lubricant is usually effective and available over the medical shops.

The sexual life changes in men between the ages of 40 and 50 years the changes in the erection process are felt. Men need direct genital fondling with care and were successful in making erections, but then faced the problem of firmness which they expected as they were in their twenties, and these minor distractions upset them. This we will not call as erectile dysfunction (ED) rather it is middle-age erection dissatisfaction. Still, to older men with erection dissatisfaction, those risky, uncooperative erections can be upsetting. There are many ways to overcome the problem of ED.  Surgical procedures, vacuum devices, and medications are some of the ways which a doctor may recommend.

It is always not the matter of enjoying life sexually but this had health benefits also in maintaining the cognition improvement by the sexual life activity of people between 50 and 89. This was proved in a study, researchers also determined that there is indeed an association between more sex and improved memory. With respect to brainpower, men showed more ability in remembering the number sequences and women had a better memory in all-around matters. This was a great relief for many older adults after knowing about this fact.

It is sorry to say that many people consider that sex and intercourse are one and the same. But it is not so, rather it ignores the deeply human need to experience gentle, sensual touch. Some couples decide to regulate their lovemaking to age-related changes. By doing this they make their life more joyful by more kissing, cuddling, whole-body massage, etc.

Many people observe that simple acts of warmth can have a deep meaning and be very pleasant. One can feel the warmth by a hug, a kiss, even holding hands can be quite enjoyable. One more advantage of it is that there is a sense of freedom to sex after a certain age. One no longer have to be more concern about the pregnancy and its related problems, so, there are more opportunities to simply enjoy being close to another person.

There also occurs a special closeness between the couples in long-term relationships. One remains satisfied by simply knowing that the partner is lying next to one in bed can be a great comfort. As they get older, many discover themselves appreciating this even more. This situation can be more analyzed and becomes more apparent after the demise of a partner, many widows and widowers find the nights are the loneliest times otherwise they would have spent the time talking and caring to each other.

Romance should be Alive (Sexual life)

There are a number of things one can do to keep the romance alive, but it all starts with taking care of one. If one does not remain physically healthy, then it will be very hard to maintain sexual life healthy.

It is for sure that one’s body will change with age. This is unavoidable truth for everyone and, with this sex will change as well. One may find that certain forms of intimacy get lost. Then try new things by exploring each other’s bodies, and discover new sources of pleasure. For example, intimate acts like hand massage, foot massage or a long hug with kisses can feel good. These may look like small things, but it could redefine sex for both the partners.

At any age, sexual life health is an integral part of overall health and well-being. Don’t ever give up on one’s own sexual life health just because things are changing and appearing different. Have a conversation with the partner and explore the level of comfortability.


As we get older, health-related concerns tend to become more common. It may travel from chronic illness to temporary health issues, couples might find their sex lives falling in between, so when one is not physically fit, one will most likely sense the effects of health unfitness in the bedroom. However, if couples devote themselves to physical fitness through regular exercise and healthy eating habits, sexual fitness will not be affected. In Addition to it, if couples make regular sex a part of their routine, they will find that their desire and sexual response improve in a nutshell. The more one is involved in sexual life, the more one will enjoy it and the more sexually in tune one will be. Out of all, the best part is regular sex is part of a healthy life, as it decreases stress and promotes physical fitness.

One’s sexual life need not suffer from age. Stay dedicated to one’s sex life and maintains physical fitness, and one might find that sexual relations only improve as one enjoys the golden years. Do remember, there is no such thing as too old for great sex; sexual life is a natural and healthy part of being an adult, disregard of age!

Dr. Laura Berman is the director of a specialized health care facility in Chicago, has completely devoted her life to helping women and couples to find fulfilling sex lives and enhance relationships. She is also an assistant clinical professor of OB-GYN and psychiatry at the Feinberg School of Medicine at Northwestern University. For a long, she has been working as a sex educator, researcher, and therapist for 18 years.

“Intimacy Can Be Powerful and Make One Happy, No Matter of One’s Age; This Is Only the Secret of Sex Life”


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