Ishant Sharma Understates Dropped Catches in Slips


Ishant Sharma took three wickets in the second Test match between India and South Africa. There were several catches that were missed by the fielders but it seems Ishant Sharma is pretty cool with it. He declined to give tongue to the problems. Also, he said that these problems will be addressed by the coaches as these issues fall under their domain.

He didn’t seem to lay a finger on the fielders by a long shot. There have been many catches that were dropped in the slip region in second match in Centurion in South Africa.

His approach regarding bowlers was light too and he said, “Even bowlers are human beings, not a bowling machine that we can get wickets straightaway.” It was after Ishant’s bowling that Indian bowling looked strong enough in the match.

“We have coaches for that and everybody is pointing it out. We don’t have to react on all these things because it is part and parcel of the game. You know they are the fielders, and they will take brilliant catches for us, and they have taken brilliant catches for us, and I am sure they will in the future as well. So there is no need to panic in these things. All these situations, it’s okay, its part and parcel of the game, you just have to run hard, keep bowling and give your best to get them out,” he said.



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