Jabariya Jodi Movie Review: Central Concept Gets Lost As The Story Progresses

Jabariya Jodi Movie Review
  • Movie Title  – Jabariya Jodi
  • Director      – Prashant Singh
  • Music         – TanishqBagchi
  • Actors      – Parineeti Chopra, Siddhartha Malhotra, JaavedJaaferi, AaparshaktiKhurana,                    and Sanjay Mishra

Jabariya Jodi Movie Review: After watching Ayushman Khurana’s movies, we have become spoiled kids, we have the expectation of seeing a rom-com movie with a social message. This is the only reason most people went to see Jabariya Jodi. But, they soon realized the meaning of “Expectations Hurt.” This is all that I can say about Siddhartha Malhotra and Parineeti Chopra Starrer movie.

The posters and trailers made us curious to watch a new movie based on the theme of Pakadwah Vivah. The idea that the movie would give some insights and commentary on the system was nothing but our imagination. There was nothing like that sort.

The fact that I am not in favor of kidnapping greedy grooms and getting them married without the consent does not make any difference to the Jabariya Jodi Movie Review. It might be a punishment for the groom, but it is nothing less than a living hell for the bridge who has to live in a loveless marriage. Nevertheless, the movie nowhere seems to make any commentary on the system and instead presents it as one of the options. Otherwise, what is the intention behind a love-story of Sidhartha and Parineeti in Jabariya Jodi?

Story – The story starts with the Jaaved Jaaferi, who is a local goon who abducts dowry seeking groom and get them married at gunpoint.  Siddhartha plays his fashion-forward son Abhay, who also blindly assists his father and does not own a perspective of himself. He has a simple and polite style of kidnaping boys. The story moved forward as Babli (Parineeti) abducts him and their love story begins.

Acting – Both Parineeti Chopra and Siddhartha Malhotra are good actors and we have seen some of their intense films, but even their talent could not keep the audience for long because the story did not match up to the expectation level. Be it Jaaved Jafari, Sanjay Mishra, or AparshaktiKhurana, all of them are have done justice to their characters, but what would they do, if the character is not appealing. The Role of Aparshaktikhurana, however, is better as he is the only person who understands what true love or respect is.

Music – The movie is filled with party songs, and people are loving the songs like Khadke Glassy and ZillaHilela. The album separately is nice and everyone has praised the efforts of TanishqBagchi, Yasser Desai and AaltamashFaridi, but when it comes to the movie, the songs are stuffed everywhere and do not make any sense.

Overall Jabariya Jodi Movie Review

To sum up the overall review in one line I would say, nothing hurts more than expectations. People went to watch the movie because they had expectations from the actors as well as the trailer, but the two and half hours movie has failed to fulfill them.


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