Is Your Job Making You Sick?

Job Stress and Sickness
Jobs are one of the basic needs of survival and livelihood. A person stands healthy when there is strong coordination between physical and mental stability. Outstanding performances and novel thinking can be expected from a healthy employee but these outcomes cannot be seen if the employee is not in his/her fitness state. The healthy atmosphere at the workplace is very essential and generates energy in the employs (Job Stress and Sickness). But due to some reason if the employee is not reaching the mark of expectations then it is very simple to know that the employee is under stress.

Let us have a look for the stress break down and tips for stress management to help get one away from it.

Job Sickness 1 Stress

Workplace induced stress makes one feel incredibly exhausted and disturbed from time to time. Stress comes at its own; it is never done intentionally, it is an unavoidable outcome of a high-pressure job and causes severe physical and mental complications if it remained unmanaged. Work stress is expected, but to a certain point, when simply doing the job puts one well-being at risk, then this indicates that one is sick of his/her job Job Stress and Sickness). For most of people it becomes a compulsion to cope up with stress on the job from time to time.

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Indeed, a yearly survey was conducted by the American Psychological Association’s, to find out the reason of stress in America, 61% of respondents were found to be under the culprit of stress.

The problem with the stress is that it goes unmanaged, it’s after-effects will not only affect the quality of the work, but it could also end up making one sick.

Job Sickness 2 Feeling Pressurized

If one is feeling extraordinarily pressured at the workplace, then one should understand that it may become visible in various health problems. One always remains under the pressure of constant deadlines and a howling boss then it may cause varied symptoms.

If you have been feeling snowed under and down then it is instant to pay attention to assess the work-related stress.

Job Sickness 3 Falling Sick Frequently

If one is experiencing frequent burnout, breakdowns and some of the other mental and physical problems then it could mean that there is something really wrong within the body. It is a great sign of a weakened immune system including tensed muscles, flu-like symptoms, frequent body ache, and insomnia. But be sure do not mistake it with the seasonal flu.

Job Sickness 4 Declining work performance

If one finds self-making silly mistakes and observe a decline in the performance, then this kind of job could be dangerous to the health. And also, if one feels exceptionally distracted and is creating more errors than usual, it is an indication that the job in which you are is affecting your cognitive health.

Job Sickness 5 Feeling Depressed

The major side-effects of an unpleasant work culture include low motivation, decreased the desire to optimize at work, chronic irritation, low self-confidence, etc. If one feels that they are being scolded or getting judgmental messages and the hangover of these things are staying with you long even after the working hours, it is a sign that something is very wrong.

What one should do?

When the work becomes extremely stressful with ongoing time, if one is getting worried with just the thought of going to work, then it is high time to change. An unpleasant boss, unsupportive co-workers or an unfriendly work environment–anything of the things can be responsible for making one miserable at work. It is important to look for support when things are beyond control then here are few suggestions one should do before planning for quitting.

Overcome stress 1 Talk to the Manager

It is always better to discuss this with the manager. Talk to immediate boss about the challenges one is facing, it is sure one may reach to a conclusion.

Overcome stress 2 Take Care of Mental Health First

It is a good for one to be able to manage everything on their own, burdening with work is not the solution to it. So instead of committing every time for a new project, handle the work which is already due and try to complete that first.

Overcome stress 3 Sleep on Time

This is the most important factor, the healing properties of sleep. One’s body and mind recover and heal after taking proper sleep. This is why getting at least 6-8 hours of proper sleep every day is extremely important.

“Avoid Taking Tasks At The Cost Of Health, Be Happy and Joyful“

“Job Stress and Sickness”


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