Joker Early Reviews: Todd Phillips’ Joker is “Headed Straight to Oscars”

Joker Early Reviews

While the global fans of Joaquin Phoenix are anxiously waiting for the release of Joker, the wait of his followers who attended the Venice Film Festival has ended. They have watched the most anticipated movie, and have shared outstanding reviews. Everybody was excited for the launch since the makers launched the official trailer, and the film has not disappointed them. Everything including the story line, the performances, and the screenplay have won critical acclaim after its premiere. The movie is “headed straight to Oscars,” according to the early reviews. (Joker Early Reviews)

Cast and Crew of Joker

Todd Phillips’ joker features Joaquin Phoenix, Robert De Niro, ZazieBeetz, Marc Maron, and Brett Cullenin significant roles.


It is the story of mental geek named Arthur Fleck, a disturbed man, who is clown by profession. He later turns out to be a criminal. It is a DC movie based on the comic character, who was a terrifying but sympathetic villain whom we like in spite of his dreadful actions.

Joker Early Reviews: Arthur Fleck as Phoenix’s Most Complex Character

The highlight of the film, apart from the exceptional portrayal of a comic book story into the real world, is Phoenix’s spectacular performance. He has very well played the role of a mentally disturbed villain by displaying Arthur’s physical and mental transformation.It is the most complexed character played by Phoenix who was earlier worked in comedy movies. The film does not have a dominant message, but it has multiple themes that keep going simultaneously.

Overall Reviews and Themes

Audiences could not forget the themes such as the class struggle, bullying, gun control, and everything that might affect mental development. Even though the film does not raise any question, audiences keep thinking about societal norms and their impact on individuals.The entire film is on Arthur Fleck’s life journey, and how he became the joker. The film very well presents an insane clown who turned violent when he could not bear the threatening behaviors of other “sane” characters.

The film has got positive early reviews from people who have watched it so far, and is about to release on Big Screens. All the film critics who attended the Venice Film Festival have shared their reviews and have hailed Phoenix for the best performance of his career.

According to Forbes, “Joaquin Phoenix gives a tour de force performance, fearless and stunning in its emotional depth and physicality. It’s impossible to talk about this without referencing Heath Ledger’s Oscar-winning performance from The Dark Knight, widely considered the definitive live-action portrayal of the Joker, so let’s talk about it. The fact is, everyone is going to be stunned by what Phoenix accomplishes, because it’s what many thought impossible a portrayal that matches and potentially exceeds that of The Dark Knight’s Clown Prince of Crime.”

Joker Official Trailer:


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