Jungle Cruise Trailer Launch: Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt invite you to an Adventurous Cruise.

Jungle Cruise Trailer Launch

Jungle Cruise Trailer Launch: After making thrilling movies like the Pirates of the Caribbean, Disney is all set to launch the conventional Jungle Cruise. Audiences were speculating that the film might be relaxing and tranquil. However, Walt Disney launched the first trailer of its upcoming summer blockbuster Jungle Cruise, and fans have got an idea that it is far from tranquil. The fact that the wilderness rules the movie confirms that it is more than being a theme park attraction.

Combo of Action And Adventure

Jaume Collet-Serra has directed Dwayne Johnson’s latest movie Jungle Cruise Trailer Launch, and the movie presents Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt like an odd couple, as they are headed towards the dangerous parts of the Amazon jungle. Both of them are adventure lovers, and the movie presents their adventurous journey in the jungle.

Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt as Lily and Frank

Emily Blunt is playing the character of Lily Houghton. Lily is a scientist and is moving into the undiscovered parts of the Amazon Forest to find out the Tree of Life. She hires Dwayne Johnson, a riverboat captain. Dwayne Johnson is playing a character named Frank, who claims that he lets his clients enjoy the cheapest as well as the most thrilling jungle cruise.

He tries to threaten Lily when he gets to know that she is going for a perilous journey, He asks for huge money to furry her. He says, he will charge, “$10,000 to bring you there alive — dead is $15,000.” Why the extra 5K bump? “Dead, I’d have to carry you.”

Lily, at the start, tries to bargain with him over the price, but he increases it further in the case, Lily and her brother die in the journey, and he has to carry their bodies. She plays the daughter of Rose Sayer and Evelyn Carnahan, and the child in her is alive even after becoming a scientist. This child in her is revealed at the end of the trailer. The moment when Johnson’s riverboat is about to plunge over a huge waterfall. The moment when she is sure there is no escape, she reveals that she cannot swim. If she had informed Frank about it, he would not have taken her to the forest. How Frank reacted after the revelation is the only logical thing he could do. He said, “The price just went up.”

The trailer proves that Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt’s movie is full of adventure and thrill. The combination of action and humor in the Jungle Cruise has impressed the audiences and is receiving great appreciations on Twitter.

“This ain’t the African Queen but it looks soooo fun!! O2H! O2H! O2H! The Jungle Cruise Trailer Brings the Disney Ride to Life!” – A movie reviewer posted on twitter.

Some of the fans also compared the characters with characters of The Mummy. The only difference between them is the location. Jungle Cruise is The Mummy on the boat, and the characters look finnier.

Jungle Cruise Trailer Launch-


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