Kapil Sharma-Sunil Grover Tiff: Is it just a publicity stunt to boost TRP’s!!


Kapil Sharma-Sunil Grover Episode Is it just a publicity stunt to boost TRP’s!!

Kapil Sharma- Sunil Grover episode in the flight and the alleged fight between the two has become a point of discussion at the household of every television lover. Much space has been occupied by the two on various social media platforms. It all started in the flight where Kapil in a drunken state abused his crew members and physically assaulted Sunil Grover. When people wanted to know the truth, witnesses also started appearing while keeping their names under the cover. Kapil expressed apology in public on the social media platforms such as Twitter and face book though Sunil did not accept the same. However, the fight still remains unsettled while the rumors are rife that Sunil may leave the show due to the fight. All this happened overnight and the two lesser known names became the talk of the town immediately. 

Sunil Grover through his tweets and messages has pleaded Kapil to act humane and not like Gods, also to not to use foul language for anybody be it his co stars or laymen. As a viewer I feel that its a complete show which entertains us and not one single actor. Each and every actor is the frame is important be it Kapil or Sunil or Ali. Their team must remain maintained for the show to stabilize its TRPs. Kapil for sure must learn to respect his costars to have  a long lasting career in the industry.

The recent addition to the news says that Navjot Singh Sidhu has turned out to be the arbitrator between the two and the savior of the show. After watching so many bollywood movies, somehow the plot of this media story also appears to be scripted. Now the question arises as to whether actually the incident took place, or it is just a imaginary tale to increase the  TRPs of their show: The Kapil Sharma Show and to give themselves a share of publicity. Well, the truth is known to these two actors only. Our only piece of advice to them would be that public loves your comedy and acting skills. It would be better not to use these acting skills to fool your fans. We only need to be entertained by watching your show.


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