Karan Johar becomes the father of twins(ROOHI & YASH)

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Karan Johar becomes the father of twins(ROOHI & YASH):-

Bollywood’s king of romance, the director-producer Karan Johar has hit the headlines by becoming a father of the twins- a boy and a girl baby through surrogacy. The twins have been born in the famous Dr. Masrani clinic about a month ago and got registered by the Public Health Department of Mumbai recently. Speculations have always existed over the sexual orientations of Karan and finally he has become single father to the twins. In his autobiography, ‘The Unsuitable Boy’ Karan had expressed his desire to have kids either through adoption or through surrogacy as an old age plan. The names of the twins are rumored to be Roohi & Yash.  Karan Johar is excited to become a father at the age of 44 and says he will make it a priority to attend his kids first. Karan who has given many hits in the recent past from Kapoor and Sons to Ae Dil Hai Mushkil, is gearing up to enjoy every bit of fatherhood.

Karan is fortunate enough that he decided to have kids through surrogacy before the Government’s legislation to ban surrogacy for single parents and also imposing many conditions on the surrogacy channel of having kids arrived. In the recent years, we have seen it to become a trend in bollywood to have kids through surrogacy be it Shahrukh Khan, Aamir Khan, Tushar Kapoor etc. While observing the recent trend, the Government brought out the legislation, Surrogacy (regulation) bill which was passed by the Cabinet last year and have now come to Lok Sabha. The bill lays down conditions as to who can opt for the route of surrogacy. The bill will definitely help in curbing the instinct of couples who want to follow the easy route of surrogacy and a prevalence of single parenthood. Though, amidst all this, Karan, the father is receiving best wishes from the film fraternity as well as his fans.



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