Keep Hair Protected against Pollution This Diwali


Pollution is the major factor affecting one’s health right from head to toe. But, it becomes necessary to be extra cautious if concerned for hair because hair is directly exposed to the atmosphere the chances of it getting dull are higher. Make sure one treats it well.

Undoubtedly, Diwali is one of the most popular and loved festivals in North India. This festival is celebrated with all pomp and show, with lots of love, enthusiasm, and passion. But with all the preparation, one usually ignores the key aspect and that’s the hair. With the smokiness of crackers in abundance and the atmospheric increased pollution levels, not just the skin but our hair also needs care. It’s obvious that due to some of the other reasons our pollution level during the festival season reaches high. One might indulge in an extensive skincare routine to get that festive glow, but one should not forget about the hair. While taking care of the skin and health, one should undergo festive hair care too.

Here are Some of the Simple and Easy Steps for Taking Hair Care

Hair Care 1 Hair Treatment

One must have completely manageable hair, which can be compromised if one has healthy, hydrated and fizzy hair before Diwali. The simple reason for it is that one wants to look very beautiful with a good hairstyle and this can only be achieved if one keeps their hair good and healthy. Then one can go with any kind of hairstyle. Celebrity hairstylist, Savio John Pereira of salon says to get the hair treated with hair spa treatments or Olaplex treatments to help the hair look smoother, shinier, and healthy and also to protect it and make it look best and especially at the time for Diwali festivities. Use good hair oil to protect the hair from excess pollution.

Hair Care 2 Healthy Scalp

When one talks about healthy, shiny and thick hair, then one should have a strong base i.e. healthy scalp. It is the one responsible for good hair. Monisha Bhatia – Head of Education, Kérastase India says that one must definitely use a good shampoo as per their scalp and rebalance the pH of the scalp. She recommends Kérastase Specifique, one should use silicon free scalp-specific shampoos that deep cleanse the scalp and keep it well-moisturized.

Hair Care 3 Pick the Right Hairstyle

According to Zaara Kazi, Style Director at Jean-Claude Biguine Salon & Spa, “During Diwali, the best hairstyles to the sport are braids and updos as they help keep the hair away from the face and give the freedom to play and participate in functions. In some functions, women apply sindoor on their hair part. So, it is important to use a proper cleansing shampoo, followed by a hydrating hair mask according to the hair type.”

Hair Care 4 Right Product to Style Hair

Making hairstyles require plenty of hairpins to hold into shape and with these uses, one is bound to stress and debase the hair which is already dealing with the pollution. That is why one needs the right styling product. Monisha says, “The Kerastase Elixir Ultime Oil is a versatile serum which combines the benefits of precious camellia and marula oil to nourish and protect the hair fibre while leaving hair soft and smooth to touch. A few drops used every morning will keep hair well protected from daily external attacks.

Hair Care 5 Wet Hair

No matter how busy one is but don’t step out without drying your hair. Wet hair attracts more pollution and harmful particles that get settled in the hair follicles. These attracted particles also get frozen inside the hair follicle when the water dries. It may cause more hair fall than usual.

Hair Care 6 Hair Mask

Air pollution tear-off essential nutrients from the scalp. It also causes scalp issues like itchy and dry scalp and dandruff. One needs to replenish these nutrients and also the moisture level of their hair. Therefore, a hydrating hair mask is really important. One can make at home with honey or pumpkin or can also visit salons.

“Hair Also Needs Care, Keep It Healthy and Fizzy and Enjoy Any Kind of Hairstyle”


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