Another Political Gimmick: Kejriwal says he will transform Delhi to London if AAP comes to MCD.


Another political gimmick: Kejriwal says he will transform Delhi to London if AAP comes to MCD.

The political scenario in Delhi has become more of a drama stage where sky high claims are being made every day without any possible signs of development. Arvind Kejriwal, the chief minister of Delhi and one of the founders for AAP party can be seen as playing the lead actor of the show. Every passing day, we can hear about his statements most of which are without subtle logic. A Chief Minister of a State must speak after analysis as every word is taken up seriously by the public. Recent addition to his chimerical statements is to if AAP comes to win MCD elections, Delhi will be transformed to London.    Counting on his achievements after winning Delhi Assembly polls, Kejriwal said that they focused on four primary sectors for development of the city i.e. Water, Electricity, education and health. He also pointed out that the Mohalla Clinic set up across Delhi have been a huge success. Taking a dig over the rival parties, Congress and BJP, Kejriwal boasted off the achievements of their party in comparison to the slow growth during other parties regime. He also enlisted other achievements like reduction in electricity bills, Availability of water to areas, opening of new schools etc.

Kejriwal ‘s comparison of Delhi to London does not seem to be well studied  though since London is not actually the dream city which one would like to see in Delhi. The major problems of both the cities are common from curbing pollution to traffic management, everything seems out of hands. Further, the performance of AAP in Delhi so far has been a mixed bag of achievements and disappointments. The party has been able to deliver on the power front, however, Sanctity of Mohalla clinics in Delhi has always been somewhat doubtful. To add to this, he promise of corruption free Delhi still appears to be a distant dream for the delhites. The politicians should not assume that the public does not have any idea about the global scenario. Before boasting off any big claims, these politicians must look into the feasibility of delivering their promises.

 While the city of Delhi is still jostling with many problems such as pollution, corruption, transport services, crowd, employment , education, child labour, homeless crowd, child begging etc., there is a need to set realistic targets and tackle these problems first before visualizing Delhi as a world class city.


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