Ketogenic Diet May Arrest Growth of Certain Cancers

Ketogenic Diet

Cancer in fact, is not a disease but still, we call it as a deadly disease, the reason to it is that it is a group of diseases involving the growth of cells abnormally with the possibility to attack or spread to other parts of the body. (Ketogenic Diet) This results in a kind of tumor, which does not spread and these tumors lying in the body give birth to many other severe problems and sometimes even the pain starts in that particular organ.

It is not organ-specific but can happen in any part of the body which is the weak point of an individual. The cause of cancer could be an environment, harmful radiations, food, pollution, bad lifestyle, smoking, liquor, drugs, etc.  If proper and systematic routine lifestyle is made then one can at least protect self from these ill elements as far as possible.

But still, if one suffers from this kind of problem, it is always better to control with diet than moving to surgeries or radiology, as they again have very harmful effects on our life and body system. The food itself is a great source of medicine which can expel out the toxins from the body by the self biological process.

Amongst the food sources, one can strictly observe the ketogenic diet, which refers to high-fat content and very low in carbs and sugar. This diet has been linked to a number of positive health benefits, like improved appetite control, weight loss, and better brain health.

The researchers lowered the blood glucose level in the body of mice by feeding them a ketogenic diet and by giving them a diabetes drug that prevents blood glucose from being reabsorbed by the kidneys. It was observed that the involvement of both of these diets by themselves inhibited the further growth of these tumors, but also did not shrink the tumors, suggesting this type of cancer might be quite defenseless to glucose restriction.

This study clearly illustrates an exciting body of research on using the keto diet to help fight certain types of cancer. But, how exactly are keto diets controlling, blood sugar, and cancer are all related? This connectivity is entirely to do with the behavior of the cells. This was explained by L.J. Amaral, R.D., who is board-certified in oncology nutrition.

Nobel laureate Otto Warburg, in his research, discovered that 80 percent of human cancer cells have an increased intake of glucose and, without the presence of oxygen, produce very little energy. This is an unusual process in the tumors. Whereas, in normal energy metabolism, a small amount of glucose yields a large amount of energy in the presence of oxygen.

In other words, Otto discovered that the metabolism of most cancer cells is altered and by using the ketogenic diet, one can potentially change the tumor’s metabolism by reducing the amount of glucose and other nutrients, like insulin and insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1), on which it gets to feed on. This can reduce the blood flow going to the tumor, making it much less favorable for cancer cells to grow.

Jung-Whan Kim, Ph.D. said in a news release, that, by this new approach of taking ketogenic diet alone has some tumor-growth inhibitory effect in cancer but when the diet was combined with the chemotherapy and diabetes drug, it was even more effective.

Researchers also noted that these findings cannot be generalized to all other cancers, as glucose restriction did not have the same effect on all the cancer types in this study. Amaral said, though, the studies that have the most support for the ketogenic diet and cancer are mainly for brain tumors, lung tumors etc.

The evidences also showed that food in the right combination could be some of the most powerful medicine.

But anyways, if one is suffering with the cancer, then please do not start experimenting yourself with a ketogenic diet, always consult the doctor first.

Ketogenic diet

Seeds and nuts are nutritional powerhouses, packed with abundant minerals, vitamins and nutrients. If one is not eating enough of them, it is time to add them in the daily food consumption as they are the real protectors from any unpleasant thing to happen inside the body. Other food items one can include are Seafood like Fish and shellfish, Low-Carb Vegetables, Cheese, Avocados, Meat and Poultry Eggs, Coconut Oil, Plain Greek Yogurt and Cottage Cheese.

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