Did you know? Facebook Shut Down AI Experiment After 2 Creepy Bots Started Talking To Each Other

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Facebook shuts down an Al program after 2 bots started talking to each other in a cryptic language.

According to the Next Web tech site, one of the robots named Bob was caught saying, “I can can i i everything else.” And the other bot, Alice responded, “Balls have zero to me to me to me to me to me to me to.”

The bots, Alice and Bob modified English to make it easier for them to communicate. They created sentences that were gibberish to scientists.

The innovation was created by the Facebook Artificial Intelligence Research Lab as a way to improve the conversations that the Robots were having with their human counterparts. However, the effort to boost the ability of bots to negotiate and speak, the developers managed to give an artificial intelligence system a key to create their very own language.

As time passed, the robots started to communicate with each other without any human input.

Earlier, it’s actually been observed in other AI contexts. In fact, it echoes the very specific language that already exists around various, military operations, trading practices, and even amateur radio.

In fact, the robots talking in an incomprehensible language is not something new. They are very much already among us. You have probably interacted with one – Google Translate, powered by a neural network. This network uses its own sort of “intermediary” language to translate between a pair of languages to which it hasn’t before been exposed.

Google translation is specific to the task of translation and not readable or usable for humans”. This is another display of the principle behind the Alice and Bob exchanges.

However, Facebook halted the experiment it was not what they set out to investigate.

Tech guru Elon Musk’ 46 said, “It poses a fundamental risk to human civilization” and warned that Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg’s understanding of AI was “limited”.


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