Know Your Bag Names- “Bag As Per Your Personality Type”



There is a bag for every personality type—even more than the number that Myers-Briggs identifies. Whether you are Carry Bradshaw or a plain Jane, there is a bag for every personality. You are what your bag is. Dainty, heel-tottering luxury icon, powerful career woman, agony aunty, the party-stopper or the universal problem solver capable of fishing out plyers from the bottom of your bag – check out our exclusive list to figure out which bag goes best with your mood for the day.

Bucket bonanza – Spacious, shaped like a bucket – with an open top and shoulder straps – if this is your bag, you are prepared for everything under the sun, but are hands-free at all times and a multi-tasker!

Bucket Bag

Bowling alley – Fun and fashionable, you are on a roll with the bag that resembles a bowling ball.

bowler bag

 The classic clutch – ‘Clutch’ these darlings to give the glam divas vibes for a dressy soiree. A neutral shade goes with all your decked up looks.


Hobo high – Channel your ethnic enchantress pairing this with a handloom kurti or saree.  

hobo bags      

Tassled  bag– Opt for a shoulder bag in a metallic colour when you feel sophisticated and yet sporty for the perfect daily go-to.

Tssled bag

Structured Frame – The frame bag has a strong, angular structure typically with a lining of metal at the top. A large one will fit in tablets, laptops and files and make you the fashionista at work.

structured bag

Cross-Body culture– A cross-body that hangs from the shoulder and across your body in a metallic colour is your wildcard, and it allows you to show off your personal style.

cross body bag

Messenger bag – Soft sided cases with clasps, make quite an impression at brunch or work.

messenger bag

Satchel bag – With this dateless satchel, even at your most casual, you’re dressed for victory.

satchel bag





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