Hard-core Foodie: Here Are Some Ways to Avoid Junk Food Cravings

food cravings

Food cravings are worst for a person on diet. These uncontrolled desires are more than mere hunger. They force a person to eat until they reach their threshold. Mostly, people crave for junk food because their tongue demands it. But, has anyone thought of the cost they pay just to soothe a few of taste buds? 

These cravings are the biggest reason why people face a lot of trouble loosing weight. Here are some simple home remidies following which, food and sugar cravings can be avoided:

1) Drink Water

food cravings

If there is a persistent intense food craving, try drinking few glasses of water. The food craving will slowly fade away. This is because our brain gets confused between food cravings and thirst. What one thinks as an urge to eat might simply be thirst. 

Also, drinking water has several health benefits on brain cells. Apart from improving the health of neurons in brain, having water before meals also reduces appetite resulting in reduced weight.

2) Include high protein content in meal

food cravings

A study of overweight teenagers proved that increasing the protein content in food by 25% reduces the cravings for food by upto 60%. Also, high protein reduces the desire to have snacks at night by 50%. Protein rich food will not only help in reducing urges for food but also generate a feeling of satisfaction.

3) Distraction

food cravings

Whenever there is a food craving, just change surrounding environment. For example, take a shower or go out for a walk. Think about new hobbies and do something creative which diverts mind from food. Some studies have proven that chewing a flavoured gum also helps in reducing food cravings.

4) Planned meals

food cravings

In a busy lifestyle, it is not possible to make a food plan. But for those whose health is their first priority, try making a diet plan and follow it strictly. Knowing that one is supposed to eat at a fixed time helps to reduce the uncertain food habbits. Also, decied beforehand what to eat. If mind does not have to think about what to eat in the upcoming meal, it will reduce the temptation.

5) Manage stress

food cravings

Stress is human’s biggest enemy. It is not only responsible for fluctuations in weight but also supports several health degrading factors. Studies have shown that people under stress intake more calories and experience high food cravings than normal. Also, stress increases the level of cortisol, a weight increasing hormone, in blood. It mainly targets the belly fat.

Try to manage stress levels by pre-planning and meditation.

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