90’S CARTOONS ERA kids had exposure to some of the best cartoon shows ever made. Some of the shows are still available online if someone wants to revisit their childhood days. These cartoons made their childhood memorable. During the 1990s, the animation industry was booming and brought to life some timeless cartoon shows. Cartoon shows like Powerpuff Girls, Dexter’s Laboratory, The Simpson, and Tom & Jerry are still relevant.

Cartoon Network was the primary channel where a large majority of cartoon shows were telecasted. With the passage of time, Nickelodeon, Disney XD, Pogo, Disney Channel etc. came into existence which brought with them a flurry of new cartoon characters like SpongebobSquarepants, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Shin Chan and so on.

There were hundreds of cartoon characters and shows but here are the 10 most perfect ones. These had perfect execution and today also, they are a joy to watch. Let’s get started!

☯ THE SIMPSONS :  The first Simpson cartoon show was telecasted in 1989. It became an instant hit with the children and parents as well. The Simpsons showed the story of a smart, savvy, and utterly entertaining American family. Till date, its greatness is untouched.

☯ THE POWERPUFF GIRLS :  This cartoon show came out in 1998 and was about a scientist that by mistake brought to life 3 of the most powerful and bubbly girls. The villain in the cartoon show was a monkey named Mojo Jojo. Pretty hilarious! The show was addictive and really popular among little girls.

☯ DEXTER’S LABORATORY:  Dexter was a child and a genius. His sister, Dee Dee, the underground laboratory, and the interesting plot of each episode were a joy to watch.  The first Dexter’s Laboratory cartoon show was telecasted in 1996 and the last in 2003.

☯ POPEYE THE SAILOR MAN: The chime of the cartoon show was on the tip of the tongue of every child at that time. Popeye was a good guy that liked to eat spinach and Olive was his love interest. Brutus played the bad guy and almost all episodes revolved around the same plot; Brutus kidnaps Olive and Popeye teaches him a lesson after gulping a jar of spinach.

☯ TOM & JERRY: This cartoon show is an age-old classic. Even today Tom and Jerry can give you the laugh of your life. It had everything, life lessons, goofy tales, friendship, and rivalry. It was really heartbreaking when the last episode of Tom & Jerry was telecasted.

☯ JOHNNY BRAVO: Macho man on the block, Johnny Bravo really taught us how to not hit on women. He had a magnificent physique, a funky hairstyle, and a deep masculine voice. This self-obsessed guy was actually really funny.

☯ THE FLINSTONES: The Flinstones shows the story of a family from the Stone Age. They had a pet dinosaur and their catchphrase was Yabba Dabba Do!

☯ ALADDIN: The Aladdin cartoon is a thousand times better than the recently released Hollywood flick by the same name. Aladdin’s team consisted of a flying mat, the funny genie, a monkey named Abu, a parrot, and his girlfriend.

☯ SWAT CATS: Swat Cats was easily the favorite cartoon of boys at that time. The cats were truly badass and had a bunch of supercars, high-tech planes, futuristic weapons, cool bikes, and fast-paced fistfights. They would take on bad guys in each episode and somehow managed to come out on top every time.

☯ SCOOBY-DOO : Scooby-Doo was the story of a talking Great Dane and his caretakers who went on to solve alien mysteries in the funniest of ways. Shaggy was Scooby Doo’s best friend and was the craziest in the bunch. Scooby-Doo merchandise is still very popular and flies off the shelves like hotcakes.

Honourable mentions: Chip and Dale, The Road Runner, Recess, Ed Edd& Eddy, Looney Toons, Richie Rich, Batman: The Animated Series, The Jetsons, and Talespin.


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