Let your Hair Down in Goa By Being Safe


Goa is indubitably one of the most hot tourist destinations in the world. It is frequented by people from around the world. It is known for its beautiful beaches, local food, rich history and colonial vibrations. Goa trip can be a trip that can be stored in our memory bank for keeps if we are careful and plan things in an order. It is in our hands to make that Goa trip worthwhile. Safety comes first.

There are pickpockets in Goa as well, for a wonder.  You cannot take things lightly when it comes to your hard-earned money that you saved for this fab trip. Same holds goo for your papers and important documents. You need to carry them safely in a money belt so that they cannot be stolen by anyone. Also, carry copies of your passports and documents, just in case! Whenever you go out of your hotel and resort, make sure you lock your bags and luggage in order to stave off theft. This will not only affect you financially and sartorially but would also dampen your spirits and transport you to an altogether sad land.

Tourists must not carry big denominations as local food is relatively cheaper in Goa. The season between January and October is known for its festivals.

You need to stay healthy and fit as well. Take care of your hygiene and do not consume water from outside as it can be really harmful for health. Go for bottled water like Bisleri, Aquafina, etc as it is healthy and safe to drink.  It is easily available in the market. Make sure the bottles are sealed for the reason that some shopkeepers tend to refill bottles with tap water.

Well, you can savor coconut water as well which is just so soothing and healthy at the same time. It would rejuvenate you to a great extent. Tea is also famous in tea which is consumed by the tourists with full enthusiasm.

It is but natural that one takes time to adapt in different places and surroundings. The atmosphere, climate and food habits are different and that makes all the difference. So, fret not! All you have to do is stay hydrated so that you do not fall sick.

Goa is famous for its cuisine and everyone likes to dig in after a good amble on the beaches with one’s partner, friends and family. Before scarfing down the local flavors,make sure you eat something hygienic. The local vendors serve beautiful delicacies in the most unhygienic way. So, be concerned about the food you eat or you will end up being ill. And who wants that in Goa? Do not pig out on too spicy food as it can cause serious digestive problems which would probably spoil your vacation plans.

Go for liquids in Goa. Juices, fruits and coconut water can come to your rescue completely. Eat light, healthy and edible food.

Women should be careful during the night. It is extremely okay to drink but it is also extremely important to be in your senses. Enjoy to the hilt and the way have planned but stay cautious and alert. Wear whatever you like just following the local culture and fashion sense.

People should be aware of the fact that some animals can be really dangerous, so it is wise to stay away from feeding them. Also, swimming at night is not recommended.

Hope you got a heads-up regarding Goa and its life! Hope you paint the town with your own colors!


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