Lion King Movie Review

Lion King movie review

Lion King Movie Review

As the handiwork of the director Jon Favreau, who pulled off a similar movie in 2016- live-action remake of The Jungle Book, The Lion King is being harbingered as a landmark of photorealistic computer animation. This shouldn’t be a shock as the House of Mouse has delivered a live-action parable worthy of a king.

Full of nothing but praise, first reactions for Disney’s live-action remake of the classic 1994 animated film The Lion King, was for the movie’s stunning visuals and brilliant vocal performances. At the time, the movie was also widely praised for its deeply detailed and carefully rendered CGI characters.

With the screenplay by Jeff Nathanson, who previously propelled Catch Me If You Can, The Terminal and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales; the cast also included some of Hollywood’s hottest stars. Appreciating its more modern touch, the actress and cosplayer Mica Burton spoke with an exaggerated enthusiasm about the movie’s faithfulness to the original. “The Lion King… was more than anything I ever could’ve wanted.” Said Mica. Enumerating further, “It was BEAUTIFULLY animated, paid the highest honors to the original, and was packed with modern humor.” Said Mica.

‘It is a piece of art worth appreciation’ Beatrice Verthoven, The Wrap’s senior film reporter, is in full agreement with this. Praising every aspect of the film, he particularly pointed towards the certain performance of pop music powerhouse. “ oh man #TheLionKing delivers.” Said Verthoven adding, “It’s a visual masterpiece that will leave you smiling and crying the whole time, it’s a true testament to the lasting effect Disney movies have on all generations. Timon and Pumbaa steal the show. And BEYONCE!!!”

Kit Bowen, Screen Picks editor, acknowledges that the original film has set a high bar to live up to but admitted the remake won her over nonetheless. Though the OG Lion King still holds hearts, this beautifully crafted version gives a feeling of being back on Pride Rock.

Anyone asking why we needed a new version of Lion King, they only have to look at the film’s stunning opening sequence to reconsider that question. World of animals, zebras, elephants, and antelopes, stride across the screen majestically against the wide African vista is what appears to be footage culled from a wildlife documentary; except that it’s not. This incredible sequence like the rest of the film is a marvel of modern technology of computer-generated photorealism. Everything that has been cast on screen is the result of advanced superficial effects. It’s amazing how fast the cinema has come!

In terms of plot, the director sticks close to the 1994 animation film. Jealous lion Scar plots to kill his brother – the lion king Mufasa- and his little nephew Simba so that he can claim the throne. Its a dark story especially by Disney standards, one that involves a child witnessing his parents die in front of his eyes. The cub being hunted by predators and being manipulated into running away from his home. There are echoes of Hamlet but the overall themes are those of bravery and learning responsibility.

Its Hindi version involves Shah Rukh Khan aptly casting his noble Mufasa, bringing commanding authority to the part. The superstar’s son Aryan Khan is recruited to play Simba but it’s the sidekicks who get some of the best moments in the film Zazu-the hornbill-voiced with fitting humor by Asrani.

The chief reason to give this film a chance is to marvel at its artistry and display.

Lion King Movie Review -3.5/5 


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