Liquid cocaine from Brazil being smuggled in Delhi via condoms


With the drug addiction crossing all the bars across the world, it is now the over-seas smugglers, who are in the process to ace the Capital’s drug merchandise with the new Liquid cocaine.

To pitch onto the illegitimate shipments, the dealers have now wound a virgin way to transport their illicit stock through the means of Liquid i.e Liquid cocaine.

 According to the sources on Wednesday, The South American drug megacorp has strangulated in African chamber to gush the flow of Liquid cocaine in the blood veins of the Delhites! 

 The following incident has also marked the cracking of such an intertwined network, supervening the arrest of a Brazilian and a Nigerian native with the convulsion of 2.65 litres of cocaine by The Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB).

 The officers allege that the smugglers have now incorporated a smarter way to transport the narcotic, in order to sway away from its recognization on the airports in any way. It is also believed to pose a threat to the dealers, who also swallow the packets whole, in case of any disruptions arising in it during the shipments.

 Following the delivery of the consignment, it is revealed that the water in it is evaporated, thus obtaining the drug in its powdered form, revealed an officer from NCBs Delhi zone.Drug-megacorp and Narcotics-terrorists operations have known to bulge since the last eight years.

 According to Madho Singh, zonal director of the bureau, intelligence, two foreigners have been caught and have been rested in one of the guesthouses in Paharganj. They were seized during the persistent supervision in the area, along with the four containers of the suspected drug!

 Upon being interrogated, they further spilled the beans that the bootleg was assigned to them by a Brazillian man in Sao Paulo and they were required to deliver the consignment to a Nigerian, residing in the Capital city.

 Following the information, the receiver was also immediately arrested who claimed that it was for the consumption by the Delhites. The liquid cocaine was initiated in South America and now it is also being shipped to India.

 NCB gumshoes have also revealed that the South American dealers make use of the social media platforms like the Facebook, Twitter etc, to tempt and lure the students, mostly girls and then exploiting them mules.

 Liquid cocaine is believed to posses a much serious threat to life, in contrast to the powdered form. To obtain the cocaine from the coca leaves, the drug- megacorps, make use of ethanol, acetone, gasoline, ether, chloroform, sulphuric acid, kerosene, lime, hydrochloric acid and various other chemicals as well, according to the known sources.

 Transportation of the drug by soaking it into the clothes is also one of the most prominent ways followed by the dealers, which upon reaching the destination is combined with the chemicals to obtain the drug on a small scale. Besides, on a larger scale, when the clothes are imported for the clothing distributors, then the drug is packed inside the containers, along with the clothes. In both the cases, after the clothes dehydrate, they are then sprinkled with the other chemicals, in order to conceal the presence of it!

 The officers claim that a technique, Magnetic resonance imaging(MRI), involving the spectroscopy is able to detect the liquid cocaine in the bottles, which contains almost 500gms of the drug to be diluted in the water.

 Another astonishing way to smuggle the drug is in the form of cream cocaine, which can be packed within the shampoos, hair conditioners, face creams and hand creams. Airport officials expressed that with the rise of the Narco-terrorism, there is equally a raising demand to get an access to the more hi-tech security scanners, in order to catch the suspect.

 In addition, the anti-drug officials have also claimed to have been received a potential-drug-smuggler recognization by studying about the various appearances and the behavior patterns of the passengers on the airport


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