Live in Relationship vs Marriage – Choosing Consciously

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Live in Relationship vs Marriage – Choosing Consciously

The debate between the live-in relationship and marriage has been going on since years. The fundamentals of the culture in India restrict its people from taking steps such as live-in-relationship, as the culture-ridden people feel live-in is something which is practiced in the West and therefore, should not be brought in our own country.

The institution of marriage is only being created because if there is no committed atmosphere between a man and a woman, they will not be able to raise their children properly. Men and women come together to reproduce to keep the generations going. There is no other reason why this institution of marriage has been created other than to see our younger generations growing up in a stable atmosphere.

This institution of marriage has also gained strength over the years because of how society makes people perceive it, in other words, how people make other people perceive it. Even if there is nothing wrong going on with our lives, we are made to believe that we do need some passionate relationship to survive, or our lives will remain empty. Remember, it’s upon you to decide what you want to perceive and how you want to perceive it. You have to be free from the thoughts of the society and take your own decisions.

Many Bollywood couples have over the time broken the shackles of living together before marriage. Indian Film Industry has also been talking about the issue of Marriage v/s Live-in in movies like Befikre, OK Jaanu, Shuddh Desi Romance, etc. The fear of commitment is also addressed in movies like Shuddh Desi Romance and Dear Zindagi.

Youth nowadays is claiming that living together should be justified because of the fact that they are adults and they know what they are doing. Whereas on one hand, legalisation of live-in relationships is still on hold, on the other hand, metropolitan cities like Delhi and Mumbai are seeing a big boom in the number of live-in relationships in the cities. Live-in relationships are convenient as it helps to get to know the other person better, makes it a way to test the relationship before moving on to the lifelong decision of marriage. There are lesser commitments than marriage, as they occur to test the compatibility of a couple. If there are any issues or consequences, the couple can easily move-out, unlike marriage, where there are hundreds of legal formalities in case of divorce.

The commitment that a man and a woman promise during marriage, however, has at least once or twice, pulled them back even if they thought of coming out of the wedlock due to complications. There is no such thing in a live-in relationship. The commitment maybe made the couple make a little extra effort to let their marriage survive amidst all the problems. Uncommitted relationships, however, can cause loads of insecurities in the partners.

They can make you believe you are not worthy of somebody, or maybe your partner has fallen for somebody else. According to Sadguru, “Human beings have so many complex emotions. If you just leave it to run riot, most people will become insane. There are a few who are free from this but 99% of the population is capable of going insane if their emotions are not somehow organized and channelized. The institution of marriage was created to handle all this.”

So, making a choice between marriage and a live-in relationship is based on an individual’s perception. The idea is to make an organised choice and considering what you want for yourself at the end of the day.



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