Longing for a long life? Binge on these foods!


A long, healthy life is what everybody dreams of. We don’t live to eat, they say. Instead we eat to live. It is necessary to keep in consideration the right foods so that it adds up to the years of our lives. People must choose judiciously whatever they consume. Once in a while, we do indulge in foods that are harmful for our health but that’s okay. If we eat the appropriate foods, we can probably live longer than others.


Longing-for-a-long-life-Binge-on-these-foods-nutsImage Source: Agri Farming

Nuts, the elders say have a lot of proteins. Do not go by the miniscule size of the nuts and seeds. Big things come in small packages. The same holds good for the nuts too. Consume nuts regularly for fighting diseases and leading a long and healthy.


Longing-for-a-long-life-Binge-on-these-foods-fruitsImage Source: EatRight Ontario

Fruits are indubitable the best source of a long life. Eat fruits in their natural form instead of juices or their conversion into dishes. Consume them the way they are. Fruits help you fight immunity and are great antioxidants apart from tasting amazing and fresh. So include whole fruits in your breakfast for life’s longevity.

Green Vegetables

Longing-for-a-long-life-Binge-on-these-foods-green-vegetablesImage Source: V8 Juice UK

Green vegetables can make your life green. The colour, too, of the greens symbolize growth. Scarf down green veggies and make sure you keep them in your diet just about daily so that you get the right amount of vitamins and minerals. These vegetables are light but meant to increase your life as they are high in fibre and are also serve as good antioxidants.


Longing-for-a-long-life-Binge-on-these-foods-eggsImage Source: The Pioneer Woman

If you happen to be a non-vegetarian, stuff yourself with eggs at least every week. Eggs are very healthy. Eggs can be consumed in any form you like, boiled, scrambled or you can try a hand for whipping up various dishes. You will end up filling your stomach along with good health and protein.


Longing-for-a-long-life-Binge-on-these-foods-chocolatesImage Source: NDTV Food

Chocolates, yes, chocolates! You can bite into that scrumptious dark chocolate if you lay your hands on it a supermarket or at a party. Consider a chocolate your chum. It provides the sugar our body needs and helps you stay healthy in that it does not let you eat like a horse. It staves off the habit of overeating.

These foods are sure to guarantee you a long life. Choose your foods wisely, after all, we all want to have a long, energetic life. A few hiccups in your food regime are okay but be a little cautious if you do yearn for a healthy and balanced life.


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