Lucky Colours for your Home As Per Vastu

Lucky Colours for your home As per Vastu

Humans are bestowed with five senses that are truly amazing and no stretch of technology can imitate or come close to the human body. Vision is one of the prime most feature that distinguish us from rest of living beings The ability to distinguish every miniscule colour differentiation and decipher array of colour humans possess power of vision. Colour and ambience definitely affect our mood, plus has potential to swing our current our state of mind. It is a proven fact that colours have a significant psychological effect on people. Along with colours even direction too needs to taken into consideration while selecting colour.

Colour for Living Room

As far as colour for home as per Vastu , every room would portray different facet that would be congenial and in accordance to Vastu.  For living room yellow, light, blue and green are the best choices for the living area as they bring in a tranquil vibe. These colours on their own or in combination can  maximize the Positivity in the space and infuse harmony which is requisite for a family.

Colours  For Career Advancement

To excel if career one would be pretty keen as a viable future is the one thing every individual seeks for. Colours like yellow, red, pink, red and white green are deemed auspicious. The best colour for your porch is White, Yellow or any other light colour. So, it is advisable to opt for aforesaid colours for sailing high in career. Yellow is associated to jubilation ,ecstasy/hope, but it is also associated with intelligence and an inquisitive mind.

Colour Used For Love And To Maintain Healthy Relationship

Red is colour of passion and love as it as an ideal hue to be incorporated in your bedroom. Too much of red can trigger irritability and anger between the partners. The walls can be painted in light shades, though the ideal combination for a bedroom is a green base with touch of turquoise tinge.

Colour To Increase The Trade

For a booming trade various colours would set the pace for business to prosper while maintaining peace of mind. Yellow is associated with euphoric and elation along with intelligence and an inquisitive mind. Blueis tranquil and cool colour, turning us calm and relaxed. It also slows down your heart rate and blood pressure which is ideal for our well being.

What Colour Paint To Avoid Lack Of Money At Home

Money is paramount in every person’s life, we strive every day to mint money and eke out our survival. Painting walls in fresh natural colors, especially in shades of blue and pale gray which not only make a home feel spacious but also are neutral enough to help future buyers. Incorporating light blue in kitchens and bathrooms may pay off especially well as the color complements white Counter tops and cabinets, a budding trend in both rooms.

Colours To Avoid

With all the colours that bring positive affirmation and prosperity the Colours that needs to be avoided also needs a mention. Black should never be used in total in any part of the room. Black is often too overpowering which sounds to bring doom and infuse negativity.Red and green combinations are also conflicting in nature as they are being used to depict error messages, spam, alerts etc.

Even using bright colors on top of more bright colors you are at grave risk of inducing an Instant Migraine. Too many sharp, high-contrast hues next to each other you’re confusing the eyes and brain.

To Conclude, color is such a neglected aspect of design, and those that don’t understand color theory all that well tend to override our better judgment even when we do remember these rules.


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