Lung Cancer Mortality Rates to be Increased Over 40% by 2030

Cancer Mortality

Cancer Mortality: New European researchers in their studies predicted that deaths from lung cancer will increase amongst women by 43 percent from 2015 to 2030, although it is good to know that deaths occurring due to breast cancer will decrease by 9 percent during the same tenure.

The highest lung cancer mortality rates in 2030 will be projected in Europe and Oceania, while the lowest lung Cancer Mortality rates in 2030 will be projected in America and Asia. Only Oceania is assumed to see a decrease in lung cancer mortality, which is expected to fall from 17.8 in 2015 to 17.6 in 2030.

Author Jose M Martinez-Sanchez revealed that “Different timelines have been observed in the tobacco epidemic across the globe,” This is because it was socially acceptable for women to smoke in the European and Oceanic countries before this habit was commonplace in America and Asia, because of this it is assumed for the higher lung cancer mortality rates in these countries.

Around the globe, the death rate for breast cancer is projected to decrease from 16.1 in 2015 to 14.7 in 2030. The highest breast cancer mortality rate is expected in Europe with a decreasing trend in other countries, while the lowest breast cancer mortality rate is predicted in Asia with an increasing trend in other countries. Martínez-Sanchez explained Breast cancer is connected with many lifestyle factors.

Martínez-Sanchez said an increase in breast cancer mortality in Asia is because of the change in lifestyle, people had started adapting the Westernized culture, which leads to obesity and increased alcohol intake, and both the factors are responsible for the initiation of breast cancer. On the contrary, a decrease in breast cancer mortality in Europe is observed, which could be related to the alertness of people. Awareness of breast cancer had spread amongst the European population, which led them to undergo screening programs and if positive underwent the early treatments.

Another beautiful fact came forward on the basis of earning groups. As compared to the middle-income earning countries, high-income earning countries will have the highest projected age-standardized mortality rates for both lung and breast cancer in 2030. However, high-income earning countries are more likely to have decreasing breast cancer mortality rates.

Furthermore, it is very much transparent that lung Cancer Mortality rates surpass breast cancer mortality rates in most developed countries.

This research is also important for health professionals and policymakers who can decide on their policies with respect to their tentative age.

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