Maharashtra Likely To Ban Plastic Completely In March


Plastic has been in the news for all the wrong reasons. In order to save environment and cut our contribution to the worst for both present and future generation, Maharashtra government plans on banning disposable containers, flags, banners and non-woven polypropylene bags, among others.

The plastic containers that are used for packing and packaging like dairy products, grains, pulses and other goods will be exempted. The restriction to use plastic is likely to begin in march, however, the details are calculated by studying the nature of various bans that have been imposed in various states in the country.

The state had earlier banned certain type of plastic bags and mulling to extend the ban to other items that are harmful to the environment. Plastic is a threat to the life of all living beings as it is non-biodegradable.

The state environment minister said that they intend to ban flex boards, banners, flags and disposable items made of thermocol such as plates, cups and spoons.

All the authorities have been asked to  ensure the strict implementation of ban. The licenses of the shopkeepers and retailers will be renewed in the wake of the proposed ban so that they do not sell the banned items in March.

The region-wise meetings  of stakeholders about the proposed ban have also been conducted by The Maharashtra Pollution Control Board.

Satish Gavai, additional chief secretary, state environment department, said, “We have started the exercise to ensure strict implementation of the ban and also create awareness among authorities, shopkeepers and vendors about the ban to be imposed in the coming months.”

The shopkeepers and retailers and the restaurants will be hit by this proposed ban of the state government as they sell takeaway food in plastic. It will also impact the advertising industry as plastic boards and flex boards are most likely to be banned by the Maharashtra government.



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