Majinder Sirsa Requests to File a Complaint against Bollywood Stars

Karan Johar House Party

It won’t be incorrect to say that Karan Johar house Party is getting more attention than many of his films. I recently told you about the controversy that started after the Kalank director shared a video of his house party featuring many of the young superstars of Bollywood including Deepika Padukone, Ranbir Kapoor, Varun Dhawan, Vicky Kaushal and couples like Shahid&Meera and Malaika& Arjun. I also told you how MLA MajinderSirsa from the Shiromani Akali Dal raised an issue by sharing the video with the caption UDTA BOLLYWOOD. He claimed all these celebrities were high on drugs and were proudly “flaunting their drugged state.”

The controversy is getting intense per day as he has requested Mumbai police to file a complaint against everyone who visited the Karan Johar House Party. Many people along with MilindDeora started accusing him of insulting the stars. He has now replied and denied to make any apologies. He says being film stars does not mean they are not answerable even after offending the law.

People have been sharing their opinions since then, and we saw how the Congress leader refuted all these claims in a tweet. Nobody has any idea whether these claims are true, but Sirsa has decided not to stay quiet even if he has become the center of trolls.

True, it’s their life, and they can do anything they wish, but grow up girl, drugging is a serious offense and against the law. This girl’s tweet does bother me if these stars of Bollywood were actually involved in this because we see how each of their actions affects their fans.

Majinder has refused to apologize and even shared the picture of his request on his twitter account where he has requested the Mumbai police to investigate the accusation and to file the complaint under Narcotics Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act 1985.

Amidst all the drama, we have also found other celebrities commenting on it and we can guess something from their opinion of the Karan Johar House Party. Where Sherlyn Chopra comments she is not aware what happens at such parties, and don’t even have time or curiosity to know, and the famous rapper Hard Kaur has also released a statement where she made some shocking revelations, which are actually not revealing at all as we all have seen movies like Sanju and Fashion.

Here is what she said about Karan Johar House  Party.

“It was okay till egaanja’ was the in-thing, nowadays the industry maxim is if you don’t do coke, you ain’t cool . . . Doing drugs has become a showoff factor. Cocaine, after all, is an expensive drug.”

She further adds, “It’s almost like I can do what I want (because) I am a star. Apparently, you are supposed to have a sex, drugs and rock n’ roll’ lifestyle. I’m not a perfect person e you have seen me under the influence of alcohol, but I’m constantly aware of actors and models indulge in these things. Everyone does it.”

The question here is not whether actors do drugs or not, they do of course, but we here are discussing whether the Karan Johar House Party was a drug party or not. So, the Alkali Dal MLA has requested to file a complaint, and the “influencers” of Indian youth have yet not responded to whatever is being said about them. Though we desperately want to trust them and are eagerly waiting for their response, their silence is taking it somewhere else.



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