How to Make Your Nails Stronger!


Whether your beautifully painted nail got cracked just an hour before the party or it got slit while washing dishes, Brittle nails is no cool in any situation!

Here are few fix rules you should adhere to, in order to make and keep your figure nails stronger:

  • Try to avoid water exposure as much as possible. Keeping your nails too much into water over hydrates your fingertips, making your nails soft and fragile thus leading to breakage.
  • You should file your nails in a perfect manner as filing is the key to long nail life! Use a medium grit file instead of going harsh with a stronger file pressure.
  • Avoid using too much of cosmetic on nails- nail paints, nail gels, nail art pens, etc. as they are full of chemicals. Instead, go for natural oils or aceton-free products to give a longer life to your nails!
  • Keep taking manicure sessions regularly. It makes your cuticles healthy!
  • One of the reasons for a bad nail growth is protein deficiency in the body. Keep a healthy diet and lifestyle to ensure proper care of your nails.
  • Last but not the least, do not bite on your nails! Even if life gives you lemon, never take that out on your beautiful nails!


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