Man Vs Wild: People Trolled Modi and Bear Grylls For Overlooking The Element Of Wilderness

Man Vs Wild Memes

Man vs Wild Memes: In a previous article, I told that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi would join the super host Bear Grylls for the special episode they shot in the Jim Corbett Park, India. We knew this episode is going to be a big hit, and many people would watch it, but we had never imagined that the TRP would shock everyone. Yes! While watching the previous episode, no one had imagined it would create a stir on social media.

The episode was a huge hit, and people from all nations watched it. That is the reason the discovery channel is amazed at its position on the TRP charts. But, the point here is not the TRP; we are discussing the memes people are sharing on their twitter and Facebook accounts. The memes at first view appear to be funny, but we should be concerned about the fact that the younger generation failed to grab the message. Everyone is busy making fun of Bear Grylls, and who understood whatever Narendra Modi said in Hindi. While we can for once complement their creativity, we should not forget the fact our generation is missing something notable.

The Indian PM has tried to shift our attention towards environmental issues and how the degrading environment is affecting wildlife. But, we, on the other hand, we were busy finding spice to make the funniest meme. While the PM is encouraging the world, Indian youth is busy trolling him.

Have a look at the Man vs Wild Memes people are sharing on social media:

Van ki Baat

Most people love MAN VS WILD because of the adventure it shows as the host has to survive in appalling conditions, and the expected the same for this episode which failed them. The episode was less about wild, and more about Modi and his stories. These are the same stories he shares in his radio show, “Man ki Baat.” So, when Narendra Modi started telling his stories in a forest, it instead became Vann ki Baat.

How Bear Grylls understood Hindi? (Man Vs Wild Memes

It is not that we are not aware of technology and translators, but, the only job is to find humor in everything. Something similar happened when Narendra Modi used Hindi to address Grylls, and he replied in English. Trollers could not stop themselves from making memes. The most common ones are where people asking if they understood each other or just delivered their dialogues.

Some people even commented that it was like Bear Grylls has studies Hindi from an Indian school.

Same is the case with Modi because Grylls too was speaking in English. He was continuously praising Indian PM, but whether Modi Ji understood him or not is something that inspired the meme makers.

Men, wild is missing here!

Most people were depressed because there was nothing wild. No adventure at all. The episode was nothing less than a biopic of Narendra Modi is what people felt after watching Man vs Wild.

Bear Grylls protecting Modi on the shot

Everyone was amazed at the gesture of Grylls when he said it is his job to protect the prime minister from dangers. Someone made a meme and what the bodyguards are thinking after hearing the comment

Last but not least, TRP chart

People have started guessing what Discovery Network might be feeling after watching the TRP Reports. After so many memes and comments on the Man Vs Wild Memes Episode, it is obvious that the makers have gain much profit which is far more than any of their competitors.


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