Manohar Parrikar back in Goa & leaves Defence Ministry

Manohar Parrikar

Manohar Parrikar takes charge of Goa & leaves Defence Ministry

Manohar Parrikar, the Man of substance, a simple, noble, humble, honest soul, which is a rare sight in the arena of politics. We want such people everywhere, as the Chief  Minister’s of States and as the Cabinet Ministers. Recently, Mr. Parrikar left the Defence Ministry’s command to take oath as the chief minister of Goa. Mr. Parrikar during his earlier stint as the chief Minister of Goa could bring some revolutionary changes into the administration. The taxes in the state were reduced to a great extent. Tourism of the State was advertised in such a way that it reached the summit. The prices of Diesel and Petrol were reduced to a great extent. He also curbed the illegal mining in Goa, brought some changes to increase the efficiency of the administration and thereby making Goa, a State of Common man’s Dream where the public appeared happy with the government. When Modi Government took charge at the centre, the cries of the Defence Ministry insisted the Prime Minister to reshuffle the system and Mr. Parrikar were then sent the invitation to join Cabinet as Defence Minister. In his role as defence Minister for two and a half year, Mr. Parrikar performed like the savior of Defence Ministry. He could bring some respite to the mismanagement and mal-administration of the defence headquarters. He always insisted on the indigenous development of defence equipments in the country. While every effort was done to call transparency in the tenders of defence purchases, he also worked towards increasing the compensation for defence employees. He could also bring in the much awaited One Rank One Pension scheme.

‘The man of result oriented reforms’ has now again taken a decision to save the sinking ship of BJP in Goa by re entering as the Chief Minister of the State again. Though people of Goa are ready to welcome their Man of substance, somewhere it seems that leaving the Defence Ministry by Mr. Parrikar would not be in lines with the larger interests of the nation. It mainly appears to be a political wild card played by BJP, to encash the already well built reputation of Manohar Parrikar to form a stable government in the state of Goa where they could not win a clear cut majority and seems like the national interests have been marginalized.   It would be in the larger interest of the nation to utilize the administrative skills of people like Manohar Parrikar at right places to streamline the system in the various departments of the country.


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