Maria Sharapova denied wildcard entry in French Open


Maria Sharapova denied wildcard entry in French Open:

          In the game of tennis where French Open is the heart of it. Every player wants to attain the coveted trophy in their hands. It could have been no easy for Maria Sharapova too who has won the title twice and expected it to win again but with the wave of misfortune of clouding upon her, she was denied the wild card entry which collapsed any rare chance of her entering into the French Open.

          The French Tennis Federation on 16th of May, Tuesday announced that Maria Sharapova had been denied wild card entry into the French Open on context of not finishing her suspension of a doping offence. On top of that she lost in Rome after being denied an entry into the French Open which further added to her misery. It is for sure that apart from this the only Wimbledon left is far out of her reach. The events of chaos continued for Sharapova as she suffered a thigh strain while playing her second round match against Mirjana Lucic – Baroni. This series of events continued to tire her to the maximum extent but doesn’t seems to relent on the sympathies of the people rather she mentioned in a statement on twitter that, “If this is what it takes to rise up again, then I am in it all the way.” This was one bold statement to those who thought she had lost all hopes of playing after hearing the disappointing news.

          It was a shocking move from Giudicelli the French Tennis Federation, President to deny a wildcard entry since with the not so surprising withdrawal of Roger Federer it was very much expected that Maria Sharapova came in with a wild card entry. But all her dreams were shattered when the decision came upon her. Although Giudicelli showed his condolences to her and her fans via Facebook Live and told despite of all the emotions attached to the game he cannot allow her on account of her being not injured and being suspended on doping accounts. It is a tough decision for her to get through and it will take her lot of patience and time to get the recovery which she expects to get along with the past rankings she was in.

          Moreover the former no. 1 champion Novak Djokovic said taking neither sides that, “Whoever runs the French Open is in charge of the French Open, and they can make a decision that they think is the most appropriate. I can’t say more than that.” She has been absent from the tours since a long time.

On the other hand it was the CEO of Women’s tour, Steve Simon, who on Thursday morning said that, “What I do not agree with is the basis put forward by the FFT for their decision with respect to Maria Sharapova,

She has complied with the sanction imposed by Cas. The tennis anti-doping programme is a uniform effort supported by the Grand Slams, WTA, ITF and ATP. There are no grounds for any member of the TADP [Tennis Anti-Doping Programme] to penalise any player beyond the sanctions set forth in the final decisions resolving these matters.”



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