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Marriage with Mamma’s Boy Troubles Every Women, Know why!

mama’s boy

Women Married to Mama’s Boys

Everything looks green after the marriage, but, the exact irritation by a woman starts, when things does not move as per her expectation like; if the husband leaves the wet towel on bed, leaves the wardrobe messy, forgets to put the toilet seat down after use, leaves all the toiletries out of place, squeeze the toothpaste shabbily etc. All these things persist when the husband is supported by his mom too. Let’s not make it or try to put it in an understated approach. These things become difficult to handle after certain limits and from there the misunderstanding starts and slowly takes the big shape and then starts affecting the bond with the partner. However, usually we start blaming mothers for all the wrong built habits in boys, but always it is not so and for this we should also admit the men at fault. 

Things Every Mama’s Boy Will Relate To

All the unpleasant, in built habits would lead to a storm of further misunderstandings and complexities in a marriage. Let us have a look to troubles every woman faces when married to a mama’s boy can communicate to and which men can easily avoid causing these misunderstandings.

Troubles one Deals with a Mama’s Boy

How to Deal with Mama’s Boys 1 the Never-Ending Comparisons Hurt

The very first comparison starts with the food, this tastes good, but, my mom cooks better!” It appears that mama’s boys are always delirious about the food their mothers cook.

But, they should be made to understand that now they are married and need to understand the sensitiveness of the relationship, so, whatever one’s wife cooks better appreciate her without adding another clause of comparison. 

Wife can also change his habit by being polite, with all due admiration, your mum can be a great cook but portraying comparisons always is unfair by all means. It is true mum feeds all through your childhood and it is all but natural to love the food she cooks, but evaluating it every time to what your wife cooks become insensitive. So, it is a beautiful suggestion to all the husbands, please keep those comparisons away and at times husbands can become chef from time to time to bring melody in the relationship .

How to Deal with Mama’s Boys 2 Stop Expecting the Same Motherly Attitudes from Your Wife

Men are not babies, they are a grown-up man! It is natural mums might have showered a whole lot of love on them and spoon-fed the son, but, to expect the same from wife is injustice. Mama’s boys are always dependent on others for everything, which is definitely not appreciated. So, men after marriage have to transform their habits in order to run the life with love and affection.

How to Deal with Mama’s Boys 3 Totally Depends on their Mom’s Decision

It is not that men are incompetent to take decisions, though deep within them are sure about the decisions to be taken; but still run it through mum’s decision every time for finalizing anything. It shows as if mom’s word is the last word for them. The worst and most complicated situation arises when even after discussing something with their wife, still run to their mother to take on a matter. This attitude shows a lack of sense and maturity and no wife or partner would tolerate this. 

Gist of the entire discussion is that we cannot blame always mothers for these unpleasant attitudes of men, it is natural mothers will have soft corner for their sons but it becomes the responsibilities of husbands to balance the relationship between mother and wife.

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