Maternity vogue: 5 simple ways to flaunt a sexy you during those amazing 9 months


Firstly, a hearty congratulations for your most memorable and enchanting journey of life.

This is the period, where being comfortable in your baggy attires seems prior to looking sexy and smart. I understand your cozy hearth of being comfy, yet what if you just spice it up a little more to make this period one of the most phenomenal one in your life.

Here is a list of 5 intriguing ways to don that dress of yours on your beautiful bulging belly, to make you look more appealing.


Maternity-vogue: 5-simple-ways-to-flaunt-a-sexy-you-flowly-dresses

Style yourself up with those flowing dresses such as Maxi or a simple wrap dress for your comfort. It always has a tinge of classiness in its appeal.This attire will definitely look prettier with that swelling little belly! Many women shy wearing the stretchable body con dresses, but believe me they give an apt sporty look, when you want people to know but on the same hand don’t want to be too showy.


Maternity-vogue: 5-simple-ways-to-flaunt-a-sexy-you-tunics/tops

They are the soon-to-be-mother’s best friend as they have this special comfort in them, looking both smart casual and  Indo-Western, making you ready for a leisure day out! Just pair it up with the maternity skirt or jeans, along with some accessories and your good to go.

  1. JEANS:

Maternity-vogue: 5-simple-ways-to-flaunt-a-sexy-you-Jeans

Let your low-waist rugged and ripped jeans take a little rest during this period. During your first trimester just wear those maternity jeans or jeggings at times, pairing it up with bold graphic T-shirts. The Overalls look cute too. During your later trimesters, when it gets difficult to wear the jeans or jeggings, then you can switch to leggings with long smart and cute T-shirts.

  1. KURTAS:

Maternity vogue: 5-simple-ways-to-flaunt-a-sexy-you-Kurtas

They are ethnic wear, with an amazing Indian Look. You can wear a long loose bright colored kurta during your initial months and later on switch on to the Anarkalis, in case if you are not in the mood to flaunt that extra pretty bump of yours.

  1. SHRUGS:

Maternity-vogue: 5-simple-ways-to-flaunt-a-sexy-you-Shrugs

They always have their ways to make a dress appear smarter or sexier when clothed. They can always be a help in covering that beautiful bump. You can choose it accordingly be it floral or Aztec, Crochet or Knitted, Simple or stripped They can even be put on in winters to spruce up your looks as well as make you warm at the same time.


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