“Meet the Loving and Caring Fathers” from Indian Cricket Team: Shikhar Dhawan’s Viral Video

Shikhar Dhawan’s Viral Video

Shikhar Dhawan’s Viral Video: There is no doubt Indian cricketers have a huge fan following. It is not just for their on-field performance, but also for being the generous and kind people of the nation. We all love to have a glimpse of their personal lives, and when it is their concern for their girls, they get an abundant amount of love and affection for their fans.Shikhar Dhawan’s Viral Video is the latest example for this scenario.

Something similar has happened recently as three of our favorite cricketers who are also sharing their lives with their princesses have leg pulled each other for being the most caring father. Feeling Awed?

Shikhar Dhawan recently shared a video on his Instagram account where he is seen introducing his fellows Rohit Sharma and Ravindra Jadeja as “Loving and Caring Fathers.”

After playing a noteworthy inning for the 2nd T20I of Indian vs South Africain Mohali, the team was flying to Bengaluru for the next match, and it is in the flight that Shikhar Dhawan shot this video. While Shikhar Dhawan was recording a video, he saw Rohit Sharma arranging toys that we know he has bought to gift his daughter. Rohit Sharma, after being asked about it said that he bought everything he liked since his wife and daughter will visit him in Bengaluru.

Shikhar Dhawan’s Viral Video

Shikhar captioned the video as “Meet the loving and caring fathers from our team @rohitsharma45 & @royalnavghan😉” as he introduced his team members. Fans were also amazed by Rohit’s response, “JO AchaLagaUthaLiya.”


Rohit Sharma, “They are coming to Bengaluru, so I thought I will give it to her, she will like it… Loves Toys.”

Rohit, then asked Shikhar Dhawan to move his focus towards Ravindra Jadeja who is also has a sweet little daughter. Then, both Dhawan and Sharma teamed up against Jadeja and asked him the name of any gift. It was when he failed to name any, that both the senior fathers questioned him if he has ever gifted anything to his daughter.

The video soon got viral and all their fans have to shower too much of love and affection for their daughter’s love as they are giving major daughter love goals to their fans. Along with their fans and followers, Rohit Sharma’s wife also watched the video and was very happy and proud that her husband is very loving and caring.

India vs South Africa 2nd T20I

When it comes to their match performance, however, Shikhar Dhawan, with his 40 runs contributed to India’s win while Rohit could not save his wicket for long. Ravindra Jadeja also picked a wicket to become the second-best bowler after Navdeep Saini. India is leading the series, with 1-0 as the first match was washed due to rains. The third and final match of the Indian vs South Africa T20I series will take help in Bengaluru where the team has already reached.

We will now see the trio of these loving and caring fathers on September 22, as they will face off the South African Team. Indian will the series if they maintain the same form for the upcoming match.


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