Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) Concern For School Children Health


Children these days very often remain inside the closed area may be in the house, school and while playing. Outside playing now has transformed into games playing on computers or mobile phones. This drastic change is now keeping children especially school going away from the natural environment. What exactly is found in nature is found within us also? Nature is containing five elements Air, Water, Land, Fire and Sky. The same number of elements is found within us. If these five elements are balanced internally and externally then there is no question of any kind of problem faced by us. But, this rarely happens due to our malpractices of many things due to our changing lifestyle. Things which are deficient in childhood will always be there for the whole of life.

Looking to this adversity the “Union Ministry of Human Resource Development” (MHRD) the decision has been taken that in Uttar Pradesh, the morning assembly sessions and extra-curricular activities at all government schools in future will be held in the open area instead of, inside the classrooms and auditoriums. The only idea behind this is to improve calcium and Vitamin D in students. But this drive will not only be for UP students but also for all states and Union Territories. Human beings are of nature if something is imposed then all rules and regulations will be followed, but once, if it is said you should sit for half an hour in morning sunlight for developing stronger bones and for the high absorption of calcium then certainly it will not be followed.

This is the reason MHRD has made it compulsory

The Directive from HRD Ministry

The Union Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) has taken a decision for a recent directive which will be followed from all states and Union Territories, to undertake morning assembly, sports activities in the open area to deal with diseases, like rickets (soft bones and skeletal deformities), caused by Vitamin D deficiency.

According to Lalita Pradeep state Additional Director (basic education):

The UP state additional director of basic education accepted the proposal and said to all the government schools of UP that from now all the schools have to conduct morning prayers and other activities under the open sky. Most village schools were already holding sessions outdoors, but now, urban and semi-urban areas will have to follow strictly.  A resolution was also taken that the more focus will also be given on organizing games outdoors.

She further said that the MHRD has asked all the 29 states and seven Union Territories to “promote sun exposure programs” in their respective schools.

This emphasized its requirement to eradicate diseases caused by lack of Vitamin D.

Awareness lectures in government schools

She further added that awareness lectures will also be conducted at government schools in the state in addition to outdoor activities during free periods as a part of the program. Children in their growing-up phase, remain highly vulnerable to bone deforming effects of calcium and Vitamin D deficiency, primarily apparent as rickets. This disease can have severe growth problems for children who could lead to lifelong deformities and disabilities.

“Children Are Future of India”


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