Micromax To Launch India’s First Android Go Smartphone Soon


Micromax will soon become the first company in India to launch an Android Oreo-Go smartphone. Micromax company announced that it will launch the first smartphone in India.

The phone is named “BHARAT GO.” The company said that it will be the best-in-class mobility device and an optimised entry-level Android smartphone.

Android Oreo Go uses less storage space, less memory and runs perfectly, nonetheless. It is fundamentally designed for entry-level Android smartphones with less than 1GB RAM.

A Micromax spokesperson said,“The smartphone will be priced under Rs 5,000 and will come with features such as 4G and VoLTE support. It will be launched under our Bharat series, focused on the lower-tier of the market.”

Google has optimised its OS platform, first party apps and Play Store to ameliorate the capabilities of entry-level smartphones by launching the first lightweight Android Oreo-Go in the country. The prediction coincides with Google’s statement that Android Oreo (Go Edition) will be available in the market starting early 2018.

The OS is a toned down version of the latest Android Oreo OS which is currently present in high-end devices. It was originally announced at Google I/O annual developer conference that was held in 2017.

The company Micromax earlier stated that the new OS and pre-installed apps have been optimised to take up 50% less space  so that it would double the amount of available storage on entry-level devices.


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