Military Diet For Weight Loss: Does It Work?

Military Diet For Weight Loss

Military Diet For Weight Loss: These days various diets are available like the Paleo Diet or Intermittent Fasting or Keto Diet or the Mediterranean Diet, Vegan diet, DASH diet etc. Each and every diet has its own benefits but one has to follow it strictly to find a change within oneself. Now there is one more new diet called as the military diet. Based on the idea of following the diet schedule of someone in the military which helps to lose weight quickly and replace that with muscle.

It ensures one that following it precisely can help to lose up to 10 pounds in less than a week’s time.

Military Diet For Weight Loss

The Military Diet is planned into two stages, one for three days and the other for four.

  • 3-day plan on the Military Diet.For three days, breakfast, lunch, and dinner is picked out for one to go ahead.
  • Four days of leave.The Military Diet does work, after the three days, with four days of slightly more food.
  • Three days on, four days off. Repeat this three day and four day rotation until one reaches ideal weight.

The military diet gives results in a few days’ if one strictly follows strict low-calorie diet plan. However, experts believe that severely restricting one’s calorie intake to quickly lose weight is actually parallel to losing some muscle mass, some fat mass and some water as well.

In addition to it experts also believe that the sudden weight loss can be dedicated to the fast decline of water in our muscles and other tissues. The problem however, is that people can simply gain all the weight they lost during the crash diet.

Crash Diet

For those who think it’s worth it however, giving it a try is still on the table. Here are some of the foods that are allowed (Military Diet For Weight Loss):

  • Peanut butter
  • Vanilla ice cream
  • Canned tuna fish
  • Cottage cheese and hard cheddar cheese
  • Grapefruit, apples and bananas
  • Whole wheat toast
  • Saltine crackers
  • Meat of any kind
  • Eggs
  • Green beans and broccoli
  • Black coffee, without any cream or sugar

By following this Military diet however, one loses weight but it’s important to know that there haven’t been any published studies to show this particular diet is effective, safe or even beneficial for the long-haul.

But more or less it is still best to try losing weight in a more natural way.

The Military Diet in a Nutshell.

The Military Diet helps one to follow strict orders on what to eat for three days.



  1. Half a grapefruit
  2. One slice of toast
  3. Two tablespoons of peanut butter
  4. One cup of coffee or tea


  1. Half a cup of tuna
  2. One slice of toast
  3. One cup of coffee or tea


  1. 3 ounces of any type of meat
  2. 1 cup of green beans
  3. Half a banana
  4. One small apple
  5. One cup of vanilla ice cream



  1. One egg
  2. One slice of toast
  3. Half a banana


  1. One cup of cottage cheese
  2. One hard boiled egg
  3. Five saltine crackers


  1. Two hot dogs (no bun)
  2. One cup of broccoli
  3. Half a cup of carrots
  4. One banana
  5. Half a cup of vanilla ice cream



  1. Five saltine crackers
  2. One slice of cheddar cheese
  3. One small apple


  1. One egg (cooked however)
  2. One slice of toast


  1. One cup of tuna
  2. One banana
  3. One cup of vanilla ice cream

The Military Diet will most likely cause one to lose weight.

All diets work in the short term. If one eats more calories than one burn in a day, one will gain weight over time. If one does the reverse, and burn more than consumption, then naturally one will lose weight (Military Diet For Weight Loss).

The best thing about the Military Diet is that it provides a strict protocol to follow. One doesn’t have to worry about what to eat.

“Yes, Military Diet Does Work but One Has To Be Consistent With It”

“Military Diet For Weight Loss”


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