Mission Mangal Trailor Out, Vidya Balan Expected To Win National Award

Mission Mangal Trailor

Mission Mangal Trailor: The epic moment in Indian history: Launch of Mars Orbiter, was locked in pages until the announcement of Jagan Shakti’s Mission Mangal. Making India the fourth space agency to reach Mars, India’s first interplanetary mission was successfully launched with the contribution of ISRO scientists on 5th November 2013.

Starring Akshay Kumar, Vidya Balan and Taapsee Pannu with other cast members, Mission Mangal revolves around the fascinating sequences of the scientists involved in the mission. The Hindi drama depicts the journey of scrapping on every step by the ‘Impossible Space Research Organisation’ – as titled by Akshay Kumar.

The film narrates “Anything is Possible” motto via it’s Project Director played by Vidya Balan. Her proverb “The sky is the limit” fuels Akshay’s dedication to the mission on every step. The actress brings a Eureka moment in the film with her suggestion of making Mangalyaan from the remaining parts of the canceled missionChandrayan 2.

The trailer of Mission Mangal was released on Thursday with Akshay Kumar announcing mission failure to press. First, of the three films, Akshay Kumar signed with Fox Studios, Mission Mangal is all set to release on 15th August.

Vidya Balan expressed her gratitude to Mission Mangal saying “I felt this story needed to be told. We Indians do not wear our pride on our sleeves for our country and I am glad that more films are being made that make us aware of what a great nation we are… I am glad our movies are doing that and Mission Mangal is doing that.”

When questioned if Vidya Balan expects to win National Award with her epic performance, Akshay Kumar responded: “when Vidya was born, the nurse said ‘Congratulations, aapke yahaan National Award hua hai’.”

Meanwhile, Akshay Kumar, in his Instagram post, stated that the film is meant for his daughter Nitara and kids of her age “Mission Mangal Trailor, a film which I hope will inspire as well as entertain. A film which I’ve done specially for my daughter and children her age to familiarise them with the incredible true story of India’s mission to Mars.”


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