Mission Mangal Vs Batla House: Everything You Need To Know About the Clash

Mission Mangal VS Batla House

Mission Mangal vs Batla House: “Make some noise for the desi boys” is all that we can do right now. Everyone is well aware fo the friendship between Akshay Kumar and John Abraham, and we love watching them together. Why is it that we have to choose only one? It is not the first time when their movies are releasing on the same date. We faced the same dilemma on previous Independence Day when their movies Gold, and Satyamev Jayete released on the same day.

Again, both of them have decided to release their most awaited movies,  Mission Mangal  Vs Batla House on 15 August and no one is in the mood to pre-release. The reason is obvious, both movies have patriotic content, while John Abraham’s Batla House captures the real incident of Delhi, Akshay Kumar Starrer Mission Mangal presents the story of India’s first interplanetary mission. Both these actors are excited about their respective films and are currently busy with promotions.

Akshay’s Views on Mission Mangal vs Batla House

The first trailer of John Abraham’s Batla House had already released and had won a positive review from the audience when Akshay Kumar started promoting his Mangal Mission for the same release date. It was obvious that some would question him about the upcoming clash because the competition is tough and Batla House had already created a buzz among the audience. When asked about his opinion on the clash and would it affect the overall collection of his film, Akki said, “In a year, more than 180 Hindi films release and then there are about 30 to 40 Hollywood films as well so there would be a lot of congestion. In the future, there will be more problems as maybe at that time four to five films may clash at the same time.”

Apart from the professional competitions, there were some rumors that Akshay Kumar and John Abraham don’t share the band they initially did, and that’s the reason no one is rescheduling his film.

But, both these actors have denied such conflict and even shared a video together. Talking about the personal conflicts he said, “There is no element of surprise in this and we should not blame anybody or blame each other and just go along with it.”

We know our stars are all professional and such co-incidences do not affect their personal bond which has become stronger after doing three blockbuster films together including Garam Masala, Houseful 2, and Desi Boys, and we still look forward to seeing them together in upcoming movies.

Here is what John Has to Say About the Clash

“If you notice the trajectory of any big actor, they have always released their films on a holiday. Why should I not do the same? Films always get more footfalls when they are released on special occasions like festivals, as families step out together. If there’s a bigger film opposite mine, so be it. Maybe, I will have the bigger film one day. I want to release Batla House because I have confidence in my content and I hope that the content of every other film releasing along with mine – now or later – is fantastic, too.” John Abraham when asked his views on the biggest clash.

The statement again ensures that the clash of Mission Mangal Vs Batla House would not affect their relationship because he would be happy that only they are in the race and either of them would win the box office on 15 August.

He adds, “There is enough space. The audience gets to choose from two good films. Ek toh main keh sakta hoon ki humari film bohot achchi hai. At least one choice the audience has ki ek to achchi hai. I hope the other two films are also good. That’s all I can hope for. But August 15 is a great day.”

Like Akshay Kumar, John is also confident about his movies, and we do trust him and we are sure both Mission Mangal Vs Batla House are great movies, and the clash is not going to impact their bond. BUT, THEY SHOULD HAVE OFFER A SOLUTION TO OUR CONFUSION on which one to watch and which one to leave as both the films are equally appealing.

Apart from the actors, the stories as I told you above are captivating and interesting, and we can only make the final decision after reaching the hall.

More about Mission Mangal VS Batla House

Mission Mangal is a multi-starer movie where we have all the great faces including Vidya Balan, Sonakshi Sinha, Tapsi Pannu, and many more talented actors and is directed by Jagan Shakti, while Nikhil Advani has directed Batla House, which is filled with Nora Fetehi, Ravi Kishan and Mrunal Thakur.


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